The 35 Things You Do At Catdance

The first annual Catdance Film Festival was held in Park City, Utah, this past week, and I was lucky enough to attend. This is what goes down at a film festival dedicated to cats.

1. Watch cats.

2. Check out the DJ.

3. Realize it’s the older brother from “Malcolm in the Middle.”

4. Freak out.

5. Text all of your friends that the DJ at the party you’re at is the older brother from “Malcolm in the Middle.”

6. Wonder what he’s been up to all these years and why he’s DJ’ing at Catdance.

7. Look cute in your new cat hat.

8. Watch cats.

9. Drink as many cat cocktails as you possibly can before the open bar ends.

I recommend the Feline Fresh.

10. Wonder why AnnaLynne McCord’s sexy cat pose looks like this.

11. Watch cats.

12. Eat tomato soup.

13. Watch cats.

14. Admire the films that came before.

15. Watch cats.

16. Critique the cats.

17. Watch more cats.

18. Learn about the inspiration and directorial process for the cat films from the directors themselves.

19. Watch Annalynne really connect with the filmmakers.

20. Hate on dogs.

21. Be jealous of the filmmakers for getting golden poop scoopers.

22. Watch cats.

23. Take a picture like this.

24. Watch cats.

25. Get a giant tramp stamp of cat paws.

26. Try to go to the litter box.

27. Cry because the line is so goddamn long.

28. Bump ‘n’ grind.

29. Watch cats.

30. Bump ‘n’ grind some more.

31. Wonder if a ball of yarn is really the equivalent of an orgasm for cats.

32. Think about how cool it is that Catdance exists.

33. Watch a ball of yarn.

34. Get a bag from a woman in a onesie.

35. Wish that every day was Catdance day.


All pics taken by me.

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