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The Sad, Sad History Of Nickelodeon Studios

Brb, crying.

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Nickelodeon taped their last television show, SPLAT!, at Nickelodeon Studios on August 17, 2004.

The studio remained open for tours for another year, but finally closed on April 30, 2005. The building housed Nickelodeon Studios for over 14 years.

Finally, in 2007, the Blue Man group opened nearby.

A list of shows that were filmed there from Retro Junk:

Super Sloppy Double Dare-Stage 21-April 1989

Think Fast-January 1990
Total Panic-Stage 20-April 1990
Welcome Freshmen (Pilot)-Stage 20-May 1990
Total Panic-Stage 18-May 1990
Nick Live Opening Day Celebration-Stage 19-June 7th, 1990
Make the Grade-Stage 18-June 1990
Outta Here-Stage 18-July-October 1990
Family Double Dare-Stage 19-July 1990
USA Gonzo Games-Outside Universal
The Early Days-Stage 19-August 1990
Clarissa Explains it All (Pilot)-Stage 19-September 1990
Eureeka's Castle-Stage 19-October 1990
Launch Box-Stage 19
Hi Honey, I'm Home-Stage 19-December 1990
Welcome Freshmen-Stage 18-December 1990-April 1991

Get the Picture-Stage 18-February-March 1991
Launch Box-Stage 18-April 1991
Clarissa Explains It All-Stage 19-February-June 1991
Rock Line on MTV-Stage 19-March 1991
Nickelodeon Gets Real Mature-Stage 18-April 1991
Hi Honey, I'm Home-Stage 18-June-October 1991
Nick Hit List
Eureeka's Castle
Get the Picture-Stage 19-July 1991
What Would You Do?-Stage 18-July-September 1991
America's Funniest People-Animal Actors Stage
Nick Arcade-Stage 19-December 1991
Fifteen-Stage 18-December 1991
Roundhouse-Stage 19-December 1991

Eureeka's Castle
Clarissa Explains It All
Super Special Double Dare-Stage 19
Family Double Dare-Stage 19
Launch Box
Roundhouse-Stage 19-July-October 1992
Nickelodeon GUTS-Stage 21-August 1992
Fifteen-Stage 18-August-September 1992
Nick or Treat
Nick Arcade

Nickelodeon GUTS-Stage 21-February 1993
Kids World Council: Plan it for the Planet-Stages 20 & 21-April 1993
Clarissa Explains It All
What Would You Do?
Legends of the Hidden Temple-Stage 18-July 1993
Nickelodeon Weinerville
Launch Box
Nick or Treat

My Brother & Me-Stage 18
U to U-Stage 18
Double Dare: Super Sloppiest Moments
Launch Box
Nickelodeon GUTS-Stage 21
Nickelodeon All-Star Challenge-Stage 18
Nickelodeon Weinerville
Legends of the Hidden Temple-Stage 18
All That-Stage 18
Allegra's Window
Teacher to Teacher with Mr. Wizard
Gullah Gullah Island
Nick or Treat
Slime Time: U Match U Win

All That
Allegra's Window
Teacher to Teacher with Mr. Wizard
Legends of the Hidden Temple
Gullah Gullah Island
Global GUTS-Stage 21
The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo
Nick or Treat
Slime Time: U Match U Win

Allegra's Window
Gullah Gullah Island-Stage 19
Kenan & Kel-Stage 18
Teacher to Teacher with Mr. Wizard
The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo

Gullah Gullah Island
The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo
Figure It Out-Stage 19
Kenan & Kel
Binyah Binyah!-Stage 18
The Big Help: Sister Hazel Live
Nick or Treat
Slime Time: U Match U Win

Figure It Out-Stage 18
You're On!
Tooned In!
Figure It Out: Family Style-Stage 18
Who Knew?
Me and My Friends

Nickelodeon GAS: Games and Sports for Kids-Stage 19
Figure It Out: Wild Style-Stage 18
Kids Choice Awards '99 with Britney Spears

Double Dare 2000-Stage 18-January 2000
Slime Time Live-Stage 19-January 2000
Slime Survivor
Double Dare 2000-Stage 18-July 2000
World Yo-Yo Competition-Outside Nickelodeon-July 2000
Noah Knows Best-Stage 19-July 2000
Nickelodeon GAS: Games and Sports for Kids-Stage 19
Slime Time Live-Stage 19-September 2000
U-Pick Friday Live-September 2000
Kids' Choice Awards 2000 with 'N Sync
A*Teens: Snick Underground
Baha Men: Snick Underground
Taina-Stage 18-December 2000

Slime Time Live-Stage 19-January 2001
CBS Sports: Extreme Super Bowl Presented by GameDay 2001
Nickelodeon GAS: Games and Sports for Kids-Stage 19
Slime Time Live-Stage 19-September 2001

Slime Time Live-Stage 19-January 2002
Beat the Clock-Stage 18-July-September 2002 (note, for PAX)
Slime Time Live-Stage 19-September 2002

Slime Time Live-Stage 19-January 2003
Game Farm-Stage 19
Summer Slime Live-Stage 19-July 2003
Sunshine Network

Sunshine Network/Sports Talk Live
U-Pick Live/Slime Time Live-Stage 19-April 2004
MXC: Almost Live-Outside Nickelodeon-March 2004
Splat!-Stage 18-July-September 2004

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