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We Need To Talk About The Rock's "Cheat Meals" Because I Have No Idea How He Eats This Much And Is Still Alive

I am both hungry and in pain looking at these meals.

The Rock is the closest thing we have to a real-life Jolly Green Giant.

He's a beast.

The Rock is currently on a "very strict diet" but still has his Sunday cheat days.

For those who don't know, on Sundays, The Rock shares pictures of his cheat meals on Instagram.

The Rock smiling widely

And even though he is The Rock and is very, very large, I still have no idea how he or his toilet can survive it.

For example, this is ROUND 1 of a cheat meal — a stack of 12 pancakes:

My cheat meal days are legendary. Round 1: 1 Rock vs 12 Pancakes Rock Wins #LegendaryCheatMeals

Via Twitter: @TheRock

And then, for ROUND TWO, he has FOUR "double dough" pizzas:

Legendary cheat meal day continues.. Round 2: 1 Rock vs 4 Double Dough Pizzas: Rock wins. #RockKOsPie

Via Twitter: @TheRock

I didn't even know that double-dough pizza was a thing that existed:

Sometimes his cheat meal is sushi — like hundreds of pieces:

Here's another sushi cheat meal to show you this isn't just a one-time thing:

Other times, he eats boxes of pasta and bagels:

It's actually a pretty common one:

And that's just savory.

A man sitting on an airborne toilet in discomfort as smoke and fire comes out of the back

There's always room for dessert:

One time, he ate three whole pints of ice cream and pancakes smothered in peanut butter and syrup:

Another time, he had 15 "ginormous" cookies:

Another time, he had eight slices of sourdough French toast and topped that off with crumbled apple pie:

This was something he ate at midnight:

And here's another dessert sampler of brownies, blondies, a bunch of random cookies, and a "fat slice of cheesecake" used as a "chaser":

For reference, The Rock considers literally half a cheesecake to be a "slice":

An arrow pointing to the cheesecake

I feel for whoever has to use his bathroom after him.

A toilet seat with the lid up

I also feel for his guts.