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    The Rock Posts Pictures Of His "Epic Cheat Meals" And I Have No Idea How He Eats This Much And Is Still Alive

    "If you ain’t eatin’ - then you ain’t cheatin’."

    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson shares pictures of his Sunday cheat meals on Instagram, and even though he is The Rock and very large, I still have no idea how he or his toilet can survive it.

    For example, this is ROUND 1 — four "double dough" pizzas:

    And after eating four double-dough pizzas, he has a stack of 12 pancakes(!!!) for Round 2:

    Sometimes he eats a shit ton of sushi — like, that has to be at least 100 pieces:

    He calls his sushi cheat meals the "sushi express":

    More recently, his cheat meal was 3 whole pints of ice cream, and pancakes smothered in peanut butter and syrup:

    Another time, he had 15 "ginormous" cookies:

    Let's pause, reflect, and say a prayer for his poor toilet.

    One time, he had eight slices of sourdough French toast and topped that off with crumbled apple pie:

    Here we have brownies, blondies, a bunch of random cookies, and a "fat slice of cheesecake" used as a "chaser":

    He had all of this at midnight:

    And here's the one that scares me the most:

    Yup. That's it.