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    Updated on Apr 23, 2020. Posted on Apr 21, 2020

    The Rock Has The Biggest Home Gym I Have Ever Seen

    It's like a mini Planet Fitness or something.

    My absolute *favorite* part of being isolated inside my two-room apartment is seeing how fabulous our celebrity friends are living!


    We've seen Drake's full-size basketball court.

    We've seen Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez' Parasite-esque abode.

    And Jimmy Fallon has a living room slide. A slide!

    They're just like us!


    So, like every other human bean, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has been in isolation.

    He's been passing time by doing Q&A videos.

    They've mostly been in his gym.

    His gigantic private gym.

    It's like a mini Planet Fitness or something.

    I did some "research*" and found out he calls it "Iron Paradise."

    Instagram: @therock

    *Research = scrolling on Instagram.

    It's basically a big-ass wedding tent with a retractable ceiling.

    It's huge.

    And honestly, out of all the celebrity homes we've seen, I expect this and want this for The Rock!

    He's not even flaunting it, and I'm not even mad!!!

    In conclusion, here's a screenshot I took of his legs because I was like, "Whoa, they're big."

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