Pro Vs. Anti: The Rhode Island Gay Marriage Showdown

DUN DUN DUN. Who won?

On Tuesday, The Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee began hearing testimony from supporters and opponents of gay marriage. Both sides showed up loud and vocal.

Here’s how that went…

4. Pro:

Matthew, a 12-year-old kid with two moms, testified and said: “If you came to our house, you’d feel the love we have for one another.”

12. Pro:

Laura Pisaturo (the woman in the picture above) said: “My partner and I only have one regret. We could not marry in Rhode Island.”

15. Anti:


18. Pro:

Senator Nesselbush watches the testimony.

20. Pro:

Phone banking.

21. Anti:


23. Anti:


26. And this video does a really good job of summing up the scene:


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