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The Original Version Of "I Want It That Way" May Change Your LIfe

And not in a good way. Though this version actually makes sense.

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Limp-wristed AJ...

... hello hiding Howie...

... and this amazing gif of Nick Carter cry-singing are here to till you that everything is a God damn lie.

The American classic and golden oldie, "I Want It That Way," is not what it seems.

According to songwriter Andreas Carlsonn, there was an alternate version. He told Hitquarters, "For a while there was another version of the song that Mutt Lange helped to write, but that version never made it because this was the one the band loved."

The original version is lyrically almost completely different than the version you know and love. For example, instead of "tell me why" they say "no goodbyes."

It's all very problematic.

Listeners beware. You will never be able to listen to the original the same way again. This shit is crazy.

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