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The One Thing I've Been Noticing In Basically Every Sophie Turner Picture

Just my little observation.

Everyone has been talking about Sophie Turner.

I don't even watch Game of Thrones, but I watched the video where she talks about hip-hopping into that pussy.

this vid of sophie turner talking about arya's sex scene last night is art

I laughed.

I read this thing about 19 times she was funny.

I liked it.

But there's one thing I've been noticing that I haven't seen anyone talk about.

While everyone was raving about her chugging a glass of wine while being on the jumbotron at the Rangers game.

I noticed something else.

The Juul.

Like a rebellious teen, or half the population of New York City, Sophie Turner is always clutching her Juul.

Whether she's up.

Like, she's literally on a plane.

Or down.

Like, she's literally having a public meltdown in the streets of New York and puffing her Juul.


It even made the wedding pictures.

Sip sip.

Whether she's pretending to listen to her friend.

Or sitting outside sneaking in sips before the waiter notices and she gets yelled at.

When I see a Juul, I now think of Sophie Turner.

Pod princess coming thru — vape life confirmed!

There's nary a moment she's without it.

Sorry, Joe, it's vape time!

Sophie's always got more important things on her mind.

And by more important things, I mean she's probably wondering how she's doing on battery.

Lord knows Joe will have to hear her rage if she's on red.

To wrap things up, this post isn't promoting vaping or Juuls or whatever; it's merely an observation.

I'll leave you with this picture of some woman looking at Sophie publicly smoking her Juul at some sporting event.

"Can I get a hit of your Juul?!" —random lady and me.