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    The Next Season Of "90 Day Fiance" Will Have Its First Gay Couple

    This is history, people. History!

    90 Day Fiance is the gift that keeps on giving.


    For 187 seasons, we've seen beautiful couples embrace cultural differences to form long lasting, loving bonds.


    And we've seen Darcey be Darcey for half of them.


    For all of us highly invested in the lives of our fave nightmare trainwrecks on "90 Day Fiance," there's been one kind of couple missing: A gay one.


    TLC dropped it's season 4 "Before The 90 Days" trailer and for the first time in the show's history, this season features a gay couple.

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    Stephanie is 29 and from Yonkers, NY. Erika is 24 and from Australia.

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    Here's what we know about them according to TLC:

    As a social media influencer, Stephanie is used to receiving messages from her followers. She never expected, however, that one her fans would become her next love interest. For the last three months, she’s been in an online relationship with Erika, a spunky Australian photographer, but has been keeping Erika and her own sexual orientation a secret from her family. Stephanie is unsure how to break the news to her parents that she will be traveling to Australia to meet a woman she loves. To further complicate the situation, she has a rare bone marrow disorder that requires clearance from her doctors to travel, as well as several medications to keep her stable. Stephanie is risking her health to meet the woman of her dreams, but is Erika only in love with her online persona or with the real Stephanie?

    So, basically Stephanie can die from the common cold and she's going to Australia to risk it all for love. Love it and can't wait for the drama.