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The "New York" On A Bed Meme Is The Only Meme You Need This Summer

Memes rule.

1. When you're sharing fries with a friend and they decide to take the last one without discussion:

2. When you're high AF and trying to keep it together:

3. When the bread isn't free:

4. When your mom tells you to clean your room for the cleaning lady:

5. When someone is in the bathroom and you really, really have to take a shit:


7. When your roommate comes home and you don't feel like talking to them so you keep still in your room:

8. When you see someone feed a squirrel:

9. When you have no friends in the class you're in and your teacher tells you to find a partner:

10. When Bath & Body Works runs out of Winter Candy Apple candles:

11. When *you thought* everyone boarded the plane, you have a seat empty next to you, and at the last second someone sits in it:

12. When your roommate tries to slyly eat your cheese thinking you'd have no idea they took a little piece:

13. When you tell someone you're eating an orange and they correct you by saying you're actually eating a tangerine:

14. When a toilet has a weak flush:

15. When happy hour ends at 6:

16. When your friend does "no drink November" or "dry January":

17. When someone makes their own instagram hashtag for a vacation they're going on:

18. When a meeting ends and someone keeps on asking questions:

19. When someone doesn't "get" a meme:

20. When it's late at night and you hear a noise in your closet and stay as still as possible in hopes that the ghost will go away:

21. When you're doing the dishes and someone adds a dish to the sink:

22. When someone is talking to you and you have your headphones on but pretend like you can't hear them:

23. When you forgot to charge your phone overnight and you're about to leave for the day knowing your phone will die sometime soon:

24. Every Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe:

25. When you're at the grocery store with your mom, you're waiting in line, and she says she forgot one thing and says she'll be right back:

26. When the family who got to the restaurant 10 minutes after you gets their food before you: