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The 21 Most Useless College Majors For Pugs, From Fashion Design To Boat Operating

All of these have been determined using a complicated algorithm comprised of the following criteria: Pug satisfaction, dog treat earnings, and projected belly rubs. Oh yeah, you should check out the Daily Beast's human most useless college major rankings here.

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In just a few weeks litters and litters of college graduates will be thrown out into the real world with one huge question on their minds: what now?

Some, unfortunately, will be saddled with the unsettling feeling that their degree is not marketable in this tough economic environment, but for pugs with a few years to settle on a major, you should definitely check out this list.


1. Celebrity Impersonating

Pug satisfaction: 3/10

Dog treat earnings: depends on celebrity (for example, Lady Gaga impersonators make much more than Ryan Seacrest impersonators.)

Projected belly rubs: see above

Big shoutout to Hell Yeah Pugs for most of these pics.