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24 Pictures That Perfectly Capture How Insane The Snow Is Near Buffalo, New York

Truly crazy.

1. If you haven't heard, or are living in a place of denial that this could even happen, there's an insane lake-effect snow event happening in and around Buffalo, New York.

2. Because it's lake-effect snow, it's targeting super-specific areas, meaning you can literally see the snow/no snow divide in the clouds.

Landing in #buffalo at 11pm #snowmageddon14 #LakeEffect #beyondthewall

3. The clouds are actually frightening.

4. With lake-effect snow, the weather can be drastically different in areas mere miles apart. One place may get multiple feet of snow while a few miles away they won't have any.

5. And then boom. Just like that, it can snow 3 to 5 inches PER HOUR.

6. One of the craziest searches to do on Twitter is "buffalo door" because you'll find pictures like this...

7. ...this...

8. ... and this.

Nope, that's not a white wall behind my son #BuffaloSnow

9. People are literally trapped inside.

10. According to this person's Instagram caption, they've been stuck at work for over 24 hours.


Good Lord! MT @NWSIndianapolis: RT @TrainerAmyIndy: Friend in #Buffalo opened her garage door & it looked like this:

12. Some people are digging tunnels from their front doors...

5-6 FEET of #Snow surrounding your home, how do you get out? Dig a tunnel like this man. Via @WGRZ #Lackawanna, #NY.

13. ...and then finding their cars buried like this.

14. Which doesn't even matter because this is what some highways look like:

Photo: Lake effect storm near Buffalo closes part of @NYSThruway8790 with significant snowfall

15. And this:

My brother is still stuck on the highway in Buffalo. Thankfully people who needed help have been rescued.

16. This is the view from a SECOND-STORY WINDOW:

17. Even the Doritos truck is stuck!

I just saw several men stealing chips from inside this abandoned Doritos truck. #BuffaloSnow #nywx

18. In some places, the snow is so bad that it's busting through WINDOWS and DOORS.

Not sure what happened here, but a listener tweeted us this of a house in Cheektowaga:

19. I repeat, the snow is busting...

More snow invasions in West Seneca, NY. Via Joyce M. Meyer. #lakeeffect

20. ...through...

Amazing, so much snow the pressure caused the window to give way! Hamburg, NY. Courtesy Vanessa Armbruster/WKBW-TV

21. ...WINDOWS.

Incredible amounts of lake-effect snow cracks this window near Buffalo NY. Photos from @WKBW: http://t.co/ddAtI7u6uy

22. So yeah, feel fortunate you don't live in Buffalo.

23. Because your neighborhood could look like this...

RT @dynamodreams: #wgrzsnow neighbors house in cheektowaga #WGRZsnow

24. ...and the only thing that could save you is a path to the 7-Eleven.