The 36 Most Stereotypically Hippie Things At Bonnaroo

As expected, there were a lot of hippies at Bonnarro. I am one myself now.

36. This sign:

35. This trailer covered in hay:

34. These people:

33. Anyone walking around in bare feet:

32. The Little Hippie clothing outlet:

31. The garbages:

30. This booth about not drinking bottled water:

29. These people meditating in a tent:

28. Guitars not guns:

27. These guys:

26. Wrist wallets:

25. The rainstick tent:

24. This guy making art with mud and leaves:

23. The butterfly hula-hoop tent:

22. This guy walking around with pillows on his feet:

21. This giant compost pile:

20. Curly fry dude:

19. These psychedelic quesadillas:

18. HACKEYSACK, of course:

17. This hula-hoop girl:

16. The dream catcher next to the ferris wheel ticket booth:

15. This garden workshop:

14. This chanting station:

10. This graffiti’d sign:

9. Whatever is happening in this picture:

8. This drum tent:

7. This sign about drums:

6. These people making drums:

5. This other drum tent:

4. This sign about drum repairs:

3. This guy casually carrying around his huge drum:

2. This old dude in his underwear talking to a hippie chick.


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