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    The Most Inspiring Photos From Pet Fit Club

    Congrats to all of you! Now keep it up!

    Every year 17 really fat pets are put on a six-month diet and exercise programme by the PDSA. These are their stories.

    Skippy before:

    Flickr: pdsa

    Skippy gained most of his weight after he was neutered and his appetite increased.

    Skipper after:

    Via Flickr: pdsa

    So trim! Looking great, Skippy!

    Molly before:

    A little fat.

    Molly after:

    Looking trim! Molly has lost 26% of her body weight!

    Romeo before:

    Flickr: pdsa

    Romeo was addicted to table scraps.

    Romeo after:

    Flickr: pdsa

    He's dropped the table scrap habit and is on the right track! Romeo has lost 13% of his body weight!

    Merlin before:

    Via Flickr: pdsa

    Merlin was 111% overweight for his breed!

    Merlin after:

    Flickr: pdsa

    Merlin lost 26% of his bodyweight. Not bad for an 11-year-old dog!

    Maverick before:

    Via Flickr: pdsa

    It took Maverick a while to get the hang of his new diet.

    Maverick after:

    Via Flickr: pdsa

    Maverick lost an impressive 11cm from his waist and12% of his bodyweight! Fab!

    Jack before:

    Via Flickr: pdsa

    Looks like someone has been eating too many treats!

    Jack after:

    Via Flickr: pdsa

    Jack lost almost 1/3 of his original body weight! So inspiring.

    Deco before:

    Deco after:

    Via Flickr: pdsa

    So svelt! Deco lost nearly 18cm from his waist!

    Casper before:

    Casper after:

    Via Flickr: pdsa

    Casper lost a staggering 19% of his original body weight! Look how great he looks?

    Bobby before:

    Via Flickr: pdsa

    Bobby was the only rabbit in the competition.

    Bobby after:

    Via Flickr: pdsa

    Bobby only lost 690g, but for a small rabbit, that's huge! You go, Bobby!

    Billie Warren

    Via Flickr: pdsa

    Whoa! Look how big she was!

    Billie Warren after:

    Via Flickr: pdsa

    Whoa! Billie Warren lost 23& of her original body weight!

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