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    The Most Important High-Fashion Model (That Is Also A Chihuahua) On Instagram

    His name is Montjiro and he dresses better than you.

    Montjiro is high fashion model from Japan with like thousands of fans and followers.

    Last year he made like a million or thousands of dollars.

    Everyone knows his face.

    He's admired by all.

    He's basically an iconic living legend.

    Being one of the country's top fashion models that is also a chihuahua is exhausting.

    You have to wear clothes you're not so into.

    You have to smile when you just don't want to.

    People are always trying to give you gifts in exchange for friendship.

    You can't just eat whatever scraps you find on the ground.

    The show must go on! You have to fit into that goddamn size 0 blazer!

    Earlier this year, Montjiro made the local tabloids after a late night of drinking that ended with several scandalous photos being taken.

    That hasn't stopped Montjiro because he did what every big star does...

    He went to a 60 day detox and rehab in Colorado.

    Some of his critics say it was merely an image move, like it was something to get more press.

    Fuck those haters.

    60 days later, Montjiro seems to be doing really well.

    He just landed his first "Modern Dog" magazine cover.

    He's about to get his dish cloth line at Target.

    He's also rumored to to be the face of a new "Got Milk?" revamp campaign.

    Basically, things are looking up!

    It just goes to show you that hard work and good looks get you really far in life...

    ... especially if you're this fucking fabulous.

    PS. Don't Snapchat while drinking. That's what got him in trouble in the first place.

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