The 20 Least Effective KONY "Cover The Night" Signs

On April 20th people from all over the world were supposed to cover their cities with posters of Joseph Kony in order to make him famous. It didn’t work.

1. KONY 2012 here’s your cries.

2. KONY 2012 spray painted on a memorial from 1889 for the victims of the Boston Massacre.

3. KONY 2012 is a stupid hoe.

4. KONY 2012 on a guardrail.

6. KONY 2012 in permanent marker on a parking meter.

7. KONY 2012 yeeh.

8. KONY 2012 in chalk on a rock.

9. KONY 2012 activists.

10. More KONY 2012 activists.

11. Stop him.

12. KONY 2012 is a big no.

13. KONY 2012 on the spoon bridge in Minneapolis.

14. KONY 2012 on the back of a sign.

15. More spray paint.

16. KONY 2012 on wall.

17. KONY 2012 in chalk on brick wall next to a cat.

18. Some more vandalism.

19. KONY 2012 on a garage door.

20. KONY 2012 in a porta-potty.

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