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The Haunting Final Photos Of What Was Once The World's Largest Mall

Saying good-bye to Randall Park Mall.

Randall Park Mall was the world’s largest shopping mall when it opened outside of Cleveland in 1976.

After staying open for over 30 years, the mall closed in 2009 and has been basically abandoned ever since.

This week, it's being torn down.

In its final days, it’s a literal shell of its former shelf.

Photographer Johnny Joo took what could possibly be the last photos ever taken inside of it.

Signs for old stores are still up...

…the movie theater empty…

…glass is everywhere...

…and creepy relics of the past like wheelchairs and Christmas trees are strewn about.

It’s dead.

Randall Park once employed thousands of people and had 200 stores.

In the mid-'90s things really started getting bad.

Randall Park, like other malls around the U.S., suffered when smaller shopping centers and plazas started opening up.

As anchor stores left…

…people stopped going…

…and eventually the mall was practically empty.

Crime and shifting demographics, like most of America’s other dead malls, also played a factor.

Still, in 1995, the mall had 125 stores and over 5,000 employees.

After switching management many times…

…multiple claims of revitalization were made…

…and in 2004, it was sold for $6 million.

The mall cost $175 million to build in the '70s.

On Dec. 29, demolition began with the old Dillard’s store.

A 100-acre industrial park with up to 1,000 job opportunities will be put there instead.

Members of the North Randall community hope this new industrial park provides a much-needed boost to their economy, one as much as when the Randall Park Mall first opened in the '70s.