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Posted on Jan 31, 2014

The Glorious, Fabulous Lives Of The Real House Poms Of Beverly Hills

On this episode: Jiff and Giggy meet up to talk charity when things go unexpectedly and totally wrong. DRAMA.

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Scene: Giggy the pom is hanging out in his luxurious home in Beverly Hills. The weather is nice. Giggy is waiting for his famous friend, Jiff, to come over to discuss a charity project.

*Door bell rings*

It's Jiff. Jiff and Giggy know each other through Giggy's mutual Wiccan yoga friend.

The two are meeting to discuss their work on a future charity project involving clean air in northern Canada.

"Oh well hello, this is quite beautiful," Jiff says beside the pool.

"You have a beautiful house, Giggy."

"Thanks Jiff. I know. Enough about my giant home and incredible view, let's talk about saving people and clean air in Canada. I love charity."

*The two take a seat*

"Lisa, darling, please. I need you."


"Yes, she's the help. Lisa baby darling girl love, please, I need some food for my guest."

*Lisa brings the goods*

The two sit in silence.

"Jiff, what can we do to help all those people without clean air in Canada?"

"We could organize an event and I could entertain them."

"There are a number of extremely fabulous things that I can do."

*The help arrives to take the exhausted poms to 'Second Tea'"*

"This is absolutely lovely, Lisa. Thank you. You know me so well. Now run along."

*Two other random pom-wives appear*

*The two pom-wives ambush Jiff. They're screaming at Jiff because he isn't co-chairing their charity function to benefit leftover lizards in southern California*


*Muffled barks*


"Ugh. I am shvitzing. Those women. How dare them. They don't own you Jiff. This is about me and my charity.*

*Jiff casually takes out his one-of-a-kind Ellen hoodie*

"Anyway, maybe we could donate this to charity?"

*Jiff walks to the piano* Jiff speaks, "Yes, or maybe I could play the piano. I love sharing my talents. Does this piano have autotune?"

*Giggy shakes his head. The two sit next to each other on an ottoman. It's really awkward. The silence speaks so loud.*

"Okay, Jiff. You COULD play the piano. But would anyone care? We need to raise money, not scare people away."

"I could dance."



*The two are outside. This meeting is obviously not working out.*

*Jiff walks away.* Giggy randomly screams, "WHY DOESN'T SHE JUST SAY IT TO MY FACE?!"

Everyone is confused.

*Credits play*

All photos taken by Matt Stopera.

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