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    The DOs And DONT's Of Dollywood

    The ultimate guide to one of my new favorite places, Dollywood.

    DO: Get barbecue.

    DO NOT: Get pizza.

    DO: Dress in matching outfits with cowboy hats and fanny packs and totally own it.

    DO NOT: Stare at the roasting pig.

    DO: Check out the replica of Dolly's childhood home.

    DO NOT: Stare at this picture for too long.

    DO: Tour Dolly's old tour bus.

    DO NOT: Snatch her wig.

    DO: See Dolly's history of the Smokey's in "Heartsong".

    DO: Look at all the pictures of Dolly with celebrities in her museum. There are quite a few gems.

    DO: Go into Dolly's closet.

    DO NOT: Buy anything.


    DO: Pose like this little kid.

    DO: Check out the Dollywood swag.

    DO NOT: Buy hats like this one.

    DO: Ask for a Dollywood gift bag.

    DO: This tip.

    DO NOT: Stay in the gospel museum for too long.

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    It's kind of terrifying.

    DO: Keep your eyes open for pictures of Dolly's dog, Popeye.

    DO NOT: Eat the free pork rinds.

    DO: Pretend to die.

    DO NOT: Actually die.

    DO: Go on rides.

    DO: Pretend to be a bird.

    DO NOT: Eat all the pie.

    DO: Check out the bald eagles.

    DO: Dip candles.

    DO NOT: Buy a knife.


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