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    The Biggest Britney Spears Fan In The World

    I surrender, I’ve been beat. Dale is the biggest Britney Spears fan in the world.

    • Dale dances to "Hold It Against Me" in a snowy backyard with 3 dogs, pole dances on snowy tree

    • Dale dances in front of a gas station Quiznos, makes employee say nice things about concert pictures/vest

    • Dale finds a Japanese man in a parking lot, says Britney loves sushi, gives him a lap dance, continues to harass him about Britney loving sushi

    • Dale dances in an empty hot tub

    • Dale finds a Japanese restaurant in New York City where Britney ate at, interviews owner, asks about sushi, dances to "3" on the street

    • Dale dances to "Hold It Against Me" at a strip mall, people walk by, don't care

    • Dale gives a shoutout to the "Diamond Girls," dances in weird head scarf

    • Dale wishes Britney a happy birthday

    • Dale dances outside Radio City Music Hall

    • Dale asks man outside a gas station if Britney makes him horny, gives shout out to Jive Records and New York, dances to Womanizer in front of gas pumps, gets in trouble by owner

    • Dale speaks at church, thanks God for Britney Spears