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Ranking All 43 Of Britney Spears' Music Videos

Updated for 2016!

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43. "Make Me"

Year released: 2016

Iconic moments: Approximately none.

Why it's important: LOL. You literally can't even hear the song because the girls are SCREECHING throughout half the video. This video ruined. my. god. damn. life (until "Glory" was released).

40. "Pretty Girls" / Via

Year released: 2015

Iconic moments: Honestly can't think of any.

Why it's important: After surviving the Br*tney J*an era, we thought we'd been through it all. Apparently we had not. This was a low point.


39. "Perfume"

Year released: 2013

Iconic moments: When she sprays perfume on her body in the mirror, I guess?; when she's lying almost as if she's paralyzed in bed on that hot dude; and when she's driving the car in a very "Stronger"-esque way.

Why it's important: It's important because of the mystery surrounding the director's cut of the video. It spawned the popular hashtag #justiceforperfume. LEAK THE VIDEO, JOSEPH KAHN.

38. "Someday (I Will Understand)"

Year released: 2005

Iconic moments: All of the shots of her feet touching the ground and walking.

Why it's important: Because she's pregnant and that's a beautiful thing, uh doyy!


32. "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" / Via

Year released: 2002

Iconic moments: When she's spinning around on the motorcycle, the guitar smash, and all of the close-ups of her flawless face.

Why it's important: All of the hair flips.


30. "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know"

Year released: 2001

Iconic moments: The sexy tree shot; that guy's abs in the water; that guy on the surfboard when you can kind of see his ass; that moment when she's bending over in an early, before-its-time "my body is ready" position; and her jean shorts.

Why it's important: Herb Ritts did this video, and she is flawless throughout its entirety. Also the hot guy and his tan lines.

29. "Do Somethin'"

Year released: 2004

Iconic moments: When she's riding on artificial clouds in a truck, her "Love Boat" shirt, and that bumping and grinding in the lingerie with the mini fur coat thing.

Why it's important: Because this video is really, really random and we're really blessed it even exists.

28. "If U Seek Amy"

Year released: 2009

Iconic moments: Boobney, when she trolls the fuck out of Megyn Kelly, that suburban mom haircut, the apple pie, and all of the people having sex in the middle of the day in a random house.

Why it's important: There is some stellar arm and loveseat choreography in this video.


27. "Born to Make You Happy"

Year released: 1999

Iconic moments: That creepy sleeping shot with seagull noises and the choreography in the leather kilt thing.

Why it's important: Because this video should have been released in the US.

26. "I Wanna Go"

Year released: 2011

Iconic moments: Her brutal honesty at the press conference in the beginning (and reference to Half Baked), "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, I'm out"; the whistling babies and dogs; when she flashes a little boy; the super-hot cop; her chunky red hair extensions; Crossroads 2: Cross Harder (!!!!); the milk; the cyborgs; and her adorable singing-with-the-mic scenes.

Why it's important: This video is just really fucking cute.

24. "Till the World Ends"

Year released: 2011

Iconic moments: The mini claps, hair flips, chest pumps, and when she sticks her head out of the sewer hole at the end realizing she survived the apocalypse.

Why it's important: It's really gritty and grimy and it smelled like poop.


23. "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman"

Year released: 2002

Iconic moments: Basically the entire thing because it's fucking gorgeous. The random parts in that cavern are especially dope. And when she moves the hair out of her eyes. Bonus points if you watch the Crossroads version.

Why it's important: Because it's stunning. STUNNING.

22. "Gimme More"

Year released: 2007

Iconic moments: Even though this video is super budget, the entire thing is iconic. It's hard to pick just one moment, though I will say the jiggling ass close-up is up there.

Why it's important: The mystery surrounding this video makes it iconically important on its own. The stripper scenes and hair flips are incredible. The black hair! Simple perfection, TBH.

21. "Boys"

Year released: 2002

Iconic moments: DJ Qualls not being on the list, Ponytailney, Austin Powers, an early use of Pharrell, the "have no fear" dance break, and that weird futuristic castle club thing.

Why it's important: Without this video there would be no Austin Powers.


19. The original "Make Me"

This video was friggin deleted

Year released: Well, it should have been released in 2016 but God hates gay people.

Iconic moments: Where do we begin? The heel tapping in the beginning, the thong leotard thing, the butt rise, the red body paint in the cage thing, the choreography, the orgy, and when she killed a guy by throwing a TV into a pool.

Why it's important: "Make Me" is a gorgeous song that deserved a gorgeous video. It's sad that we never got a music video for it.

18. "Overprotected"

Year released: 2001

Iconic moments: The fact that they play "Bombastic Love" in the beginning, her blue-tinted sunglasses, the carousel horse, whenever she dances on random objects in the warehouse, the room that closes in on her, and the crotch grab at "meh!"

Why it's important: The choreography on random objects is iconic and it gets really intense at the end when you feel like she's going to die because the room is closing in on her.

17. "Piece of Me"

Year released: 2007

Iconic moments: The bathroom dance, when she writes "sucker" on that dude's face, when she's dancing in the clerb, and whenever she has the sunglasses on.

Why it's important: This video sums up 2007 for Britney. While messy as fuck, it's still a great piece of work.

16. "Hold It Against Me"

Year released: 2011

Iconic moments: When she floats up in the white dress, the graffiti, the shameless perfume promo, her kind of terrifying warped faces, and the scene where she kicks her own ass.

Why it's important: This video is confusing but artsty-fartsy, so that's really cool.


15. "My Prerogative"

Year released: 2004

Iconic moments: When she crashes her car into a pool and then dances on it, K-Fed (lololol). And the entire bed scene is so, so hot.

Why it's important: This is Britney's first foray into artsy-fartsy black-and-white material.

14. "Me Against the Music"

Year released: 2003

Iconic moments: The "up against the speaker trying to take on the music" dance break, Madonna humping the floor, Madonna humping the leaves, Britney showing her up, when Britney and Madonna are climbing over a bed frame, and that scary wooden hallway.

Why it's important: The choreography is legendary and so is Britney's pleather hat and tie.

13. "You Drive Me Crazy"

Year released: 1999

Iconic moments: That boob part on the chair at "ooooooooo STOP," when she's getting ready with her ~girls~ in the beginning, and all of the microphone scenes.

Why it's important: "Crazy" has the most underrated and least talked-about choreography of any Britney Spears music video. Also Melissa Joan Hart and Adrian Grenier are in it lol.

12. "Womanizer"

Year released: 2008

Iconic moments: Nakedney, Office Workerney, Photocopyney, Waitressney with heavy eye makeup, the shimmy she does as Waitressney, and Limo Driverney.

Why it's important: This was the real ~comeback~ and it was actually great. It's very "Toxic," but that is OBVIOUSLY not a bad thing.


11. "Criminal"

Year released: 2011

Iconic moments: "So you're not working the street corner I see," when she kicks him in the balls, the armography in the lighted corridor, Anal Sexney, and when she steals vanilla candles.

Why it's important: The story in this video is great. A true theatrical spectacle.

10. "Overprotected (Darkchild Remix)"

Year released: 2002

Iconic moments: The Fox News parody in the beginning, the elevator security cam, the Big Rob cameo, the expanding limo, the fierce hotel walk with her girls, and the rain-dancing.

Why it's important: That walk through the hotel is emulated by, like, every pop star ever. An impact.

9. "Lucky"

Year released: 2000

Iconic moments: The "knock knock knockin'" on her door hand choreo, the alter ego, "finally we've done it 15 million times," and Roger Johnson from Pop News.

Why it's important: Arguably one of her most emotional videos. The alter ego was epic, the short hair was super cute, and the struggles of fame are too real. I cried.

8. "Work Bitch"

Year released: 2013

Iconic moments: When she puts on perfume in the middle of the desert, Whipney, S&Mney, THE SHARKS, the shameless ball gag Beats promo, the basic choreo, and when she is standing on that white platform with a bunch of ladies on leashes.

Why it's important: THE SHARKS. The sharks alone make this video v. important.


7. "Stronger"

Year released: 2000

Iconic moments: The chairography, the dramatic driving on her own, crimped hair, and that moment when the chair turns into a cane.

Why it's important: Because this is the moment dancing on a chair was invented.

6. "Slumber Party" / Via

Year released: 2016

Iconic moments: The stiletto fling heard round the world, Britney breastfeeding Tinashe, Britney's jacked back, the choreography, when she licks up the milk on the table (symbol for cum).

Why it's important: This is the best music video Britney Spears fans got since 2006. End of story. This is not up for debate.

5. "I'm a Slave 4 U"

Year released: 2001

Iconic moments: The first dance break, the orgy in the club, the sweat in general, the pink underwear over the leather pants, and the moment when it starts raining and everyone tries to drink the drops lol.

Why it's important: This is Britney at her dancing best. It doesn't get better than this.

4. "Toxic"

Year released: 2004

Iconic moments: Flight Attendantney, when she makes out with the bigger dude who turns out to be a hot guy, Motorcycleney, the sparkle suit scenes, the whole laser scene, and when she kills the guy at the end. Bye.

Why it's important: The quintessential Britney Spears video. When people think of Britney Spears videos, they generally think of this one. Alternate-egoney at her finest.


3. "Everytime"

Year released: 2004

Iconic moments: When she rolls her eyes at Stephen Dorff in the limo, when Stephen Dorff takes off his shirt in an anger-induced temper tantrum, Stephen Dorff in general, Britney's iconic black baseball hat, when she throws her glass at the bathroom mirror, when she takes off her shirt to take a bath, when she hits her head and was supposed to be committing suicide, Angelney, and the beautiful process of reincarnation.

Why it's important: This video is just too real. A perfect time capsule of Britney Spears post-Justin, right before ~the fall~. It's all so goddamn raw.

2. "...Baby One More Time"

Year released: 1999

Iconic moments: Literally every single moment from start to finish.

Why it's important: This is what started it all. It's the foundation for everything. EVERYTHING. People died for this!

1. "Oops!... I Did It Again"

Year released: 2000

Iconic moments: All of the choreography (especially "played with your heart"), the hot guys who are slaves, the white skirt that you still try to look down to this day, Mars, fire, the original dancers, the straight hair, and EVERYTHING.

Why it's important: Think about it. The choreography, outfit, budget, and song are extremely iconic. This video solidified her as a true music video artist. People wanted Britney to be over after "Baby," but this video proved everyone wrong. It's legendary. Fight me.

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