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The Best Of Tupac Shacorgi

Tupac is still alive except now he's a corgi.

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Introducing the dopest corgi on Instagram, Tupac Shacorgi.

When he's not making music videos, performing for millions of people + dogs, and stuff, Tupac Shacorgi can be found in the club drinking Patron silver.

And yes, he's a ladies' man. So don't get too attached.

He just knows what women want to hear.

Basically, women can't keep their hands of of him.

Like... can you blame them?

He's a total babe.

Like most insanely popular dogs who also happen to be rappers, he can be quite the rebel.

Especially when he's with his friend Sir Cornelius Kirby.

They're trouble.

And by trouble I mean they basically just pretend to be mean.

And attitude. Lots of attitude.

But for the most part, Tupac Shacorgi just likes to lay around and chill.

His also likes movies. His favorite is "The Warriors."

He kind of hates St. Patrick's Day.

And he has an extensive hoodie collection.

*BONUS* 3 pictures of Tupac Shacorgi as a little babe:

Now follow him on Instagram, already!

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