Judd Apatow Pointed Out How Old The Baby From "Knocked Up" Is Now, And Seth Rogen Wasn't Having It

    Your daily dose of feeling like one of those statues on Easter Island.

    The year was 2007.

    A man wearing 2007 glasses and an orange wig

    Blackberries were the pinnacle of technology.

    Eva Longoria taking a selfie with her Blackberry as Kevin Connolly looks on

    Ed Hardy was the pinnacle of douchebaggery.

    A model wearing Ed Hardy clothes on the runway including a graphic printed shirt, jeans, and the classic Ed Hardy baseball cap

    And Zac Efron was really, really into wearing these vests.

    Closeup of Zac Efron wearing a vest over a plain T-shirt

    Knocked Up also came out that year.

    Katherine Heigl standing next to Seth Rogan in a scene from "Knocked Up"

    A wee Seth Rogen and a pre-27 Dresses Katherine Heigl starred in the romantic comedy about a one night stand and an unplanned pregnancy.

    A "Knocked Up" poster featuring Kathering and Seth looking nervous as they sit in a doctor's office

    And while making this post, I was reminded Paul Rudd was in it!

    Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd standing in the kitchen in a scene from "Knocked Up"

    But anyway, Judd Apatow reminded people of their own mortality when he posted this picture:

    This was the caption:

    "That baby is 17"

    And this was Seth Rogen's response:

    "Oh no"

    I feel that.