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The Absolute Worst Parts Of Grocery Shopping

The grocery store is a very, very stressful place.

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So, you're about to go into the grocery store...

REAL SMOOTH. That wasn't an automatic door. You grab a cart and remember:

Oh great, you also picked the cart with the squeaky wheel that won't turn left.

Whatever, you'll survive. You go down the cereal aisle and see two confused old ladies blocking aisle traffic.

You wait a minute for that one lady to get off her phone only to see someone in front of what you need.

You awkwardly wait for them to move, grab your cookies, and then you see one of those awesome automatic coupon dispensers (which everyone knows is one of the simple joys of grocery shopping)...

It gets worse. Someone left their cart abandoned in the middle of the aisle you're in.

You nudge that cart to the side to reveal this. A trip to the grocery store is never complete without witnessing some bad parenting.

Last stop. You grab a number at the deli. Hopefully they don't forget to call your number this time.

YES. FINALLY. Now it's time to wait in line full of miserable people "reading" tabloids.

You make it to the front of the line to find NO DIVIDERS. You anxiously watch the cashier. You pray they don't swipe the wrong item.

Then this happens:



IT'S ALMOST OVER. You leave the store and see that some asshole left a surprise right behind your car.

Great. You drive away worrying about the ice cream the entire ride home.

Then this. The worst part. Look at all of these bags.

But you're going to make it inside in one trip.

The bags are tearing at your fingers.

You collapse in the doorway.

Just to remember that you left a bag in the back seat.

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