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Updated on Aug 21, 2020. Posted on Dec 30, 2014

Top 75 Most Iconic Things Britney Spears Did In 2014

It was a really cool and urban year to be a Britney Spears fan.

75. When she took a picture with a fan named Heidi.

Getty Images

74. When she was dying inside while holding a bottle of perfume.

73. Aviatorney


Arguably her most worn pair of sunglasses of 2014 besides those white ones.

72. Soccer Momney


Clap on, you're a mom now!

71. Little Pieney

"It's a little pie!" I die.

70. That time Brunetteney showed up to Elton John's party.

Mark Davis / Getty Images

69. That time she took a photo with a fan, threw up the deuces, and gave some duckface

It was just really awkward and endearing.

68. When she found out that Taylor Swift didn't take her first-week sales record and she had no idea she even held the record in the first place, so she tooted her own horn.

67. That time she got wet and blamed Jesus

66. That time she went to Starbucks on Aug. 10.


Because anytime she goes to Starbucks it's iconic.

65. That time she randomly became a fan of Jennifer Lopez

64. When she inadvertently became the face of the gender identity movement.

63. That time she said "shut up."

62. That time she gave us her signature blessing and salute on Fallon.

61. When she was given a pair of lace underwear and genuinely loved them.

60. My Own Worst Enemyney


Honest and raw. Her "for the record" moment of the year.

59. When she learned she had fans in China.

58. That time her mom told her to be polyamorous.

57. That time Femme Fataleney made a surprise appearance in Vegas.

56. Pink Wigney

Mark Davis

A Halloween exclusive.

55. That time she was singing "Perfume" and her eyes bulged out of her head like, what the fuck?

Like, what did she just see?

54. That time she wore a crop top and literally showed up all of your younger faves.

53. That time she did that weird butt jiggle thing at the end of a "Piece of Me" performance.

52. That time her and Fe re-created their pose.


Best friends after all of these years. Love them so much <3

51. Thrilledney

50. Tinderney

49. Jumbotronney

48. That time she played Jesus and fed her dancers pizza and salad as if it were the Last Supper.

47. Genuinely Confusedney

46. Mamacitaney


A true pioneer of all cultures.

45. That time she got a wedgie and picked it out.

44. When she celebrated Britney Day channeling her 2000 AMA red-carpet past self.

43. That time she met Gaga and they both looked like drag queens.

42. When she released her most personal single yet.

41. That time she acknowledged how moist she was.

40. When she got Larry Rudolph back for 17 years of agony and abuse.

39. That time she completely eviscerated the runway on the Intimates Tour.

38. That time she took this picture with Lynne.

Instagram: @britneyspears

It's just really cute.

37. That time she met the Norwegian giant and demanded a photo.

36. Selfieney

Instagram: @britneyspears

Momney at her finest.

35. That time she thought she found the Radar Horse.

34. Private Jet With Pigtailneys

33. Familial Bondney

32. Wardrobe Malfunctionney


What an iconic tiny little ass hole.

31. When she became a fierce advocate for masturbation and free love.

30. When she had this really cool mom moment.

29. Halloweenney

Instagram: @britneyspears

A perennial fave.

28. Every. Single. Goddamn time she slays that "Work Bitch" dance break during "Piece of Me."

27. Every "Me Against the Music" back bend.

26. That time she said she did a Vine Q&A.

Random, but whatever. We'll take what we're given!

25. Social Medianey

In charge of her own destiny, and by destiny, I mean Twitter. WHO KNEW!?

24. That time she dismissed all men...

23. ...and became a temporary lesbian.

22. That time she won a People's Choice Award and forgot how to walk up stairs.

21. When her brain exploded over a box of cupcakes.

20. Mean Tweetney


"Suckage" never sounded so urban and cool.

19. When this picture was taken of her sitting in a car looking all sorts of 2002.


18. Bobney

17. When she made the Toxic Tree her bitch.

View this video on YouTube

On Oct. 4, to be precise.

16. Polishney aka Ponytailney

Her most personal ponytail yet.

15. Women's Healthney

Women's Health Magazine

It's called extreme contouring and fuck all the haters that didn't know that. She's a mom now! Stop body- and makeup-shaming, people. It's 2014!

14. When she waited in line at a Starbucks in Planet Hollywood.

It's just a perfect picture.

13. That time she thought she was 62-year-old woman speaking about something that happened 37 years ago.

12. When some guy started speaking Polish and it scared the shit out of her.

11. When she became the leader of the feminist movement.

10. When she gave the most important Woody Woodpecker impression of the past 25 years.

9. When she came out from behind the curtain on Fallon looking radiant A.F.

8. Philanthropney

7. The "Break The Ice" breakdown on February 19

View this video on YouTube

Honestly, we were not worthy nor ready for this.

6. When she was having a really really shitty day and found someone with shoes with hearts on them.

5. That time she called out her low-rent cheating-ass slam piece, David Lucado, during a "Piece of Me" performance.

View this video on YouTube

4. When Lynne Spears took this perfect picture of Britney in the recording studio with her holy water (Starbucks) and prayer candles (menthol cigarettes) RECORDING NEW MUSIC.


3. "The boys are running, they're ahead of me. She's being ferocious. I'm bored. Bye!"

2. Scooterney

1. "Artsy Fartsy"

Automatically and instantly iconic. A permanent fixture in our Britney lexicon. A testament of hope for 2015 that we're going to get some bomb-ass music. So very cool.

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