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The 50 Most Terrifying "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" Characters

Ranked in order by creepiness. I'm still scared of 1/2 of these.

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50. The Evil Typerwriter

Episode: "The Tale Of The Dream Machine"

Why it was scary: The typewriter made everything you typed on it come true. This is the only object on the list. No one uses typewriters anymore, so this one isn't as scary. That's why it's #50.


44. The Yellow Aliens

Episode: "The Tale of the Unexpected Visitor"

Why it was so scary: These alien creatures came down to earth after two boys started "transmitting" noises into the atmosphere. This is why you don't fuck around with space.


37. The School Photographer

Episode: “The Tale of The Curious Camera”

Why he was so scary: He knew that camera was trouble, but he still took that kid's picture anyway. That's fucked up.

35. The Werewolf And His Brother

Episode: "The Tale of the Full Moon"

Why they were scary: It would really suck living next door to a werewolf and then finding out your mom is dating said werewolf's creepy brother. No thank you.


31. Dr. Vink

Episodes: He was a reoccurring character.

Why he was scary: Dr. Vink was a creepy old man scientist. He made evil soup in "The Tale Of The Evil Soup." Don't mess with my food, man.

30. The Virus


Episode: "The Tale Of The Renegade Virus"

Why it was scary: Because at the time of this show, computer viruses were a new thing. For all we knew in the '90s, they totally could have looked like this.


25. Peter

Episode: "The Tale of the Captured Souls"

Why he was scary: Peter was the boy who ran his own resort. He stole the souls of his guests, which made him stay young FOREVER. He also talked weird.

24. The Water Demons

Episode: "The Tale Of The Water Demons"

Why they were scary: The Water Demons made you afraid to go to sleep because every time you went to sleep they would come out of the water in search of their treasure.

18. The Shapeshifting Chameleon

Episode: "The Tale of the Chameleons”

Why she was so scary: Tia and Tamera ended up turning into chameleons after one of them got bitten by a chameleon. Nothing was sacred or real after watching this episode.

17. The Pool Monster

Episode: “The Tale Of The Dead Man's Float”

Why it was so scary: This fleshy monster lived in the bottom of the school pool. Can you imagine this thing grabbing your leg?!

8. The Poltergeist

Episode: "The Tale Of The Quicksilver"

Why he was scary: This poltergeist already killed the girl who tried to get rid of it the first time. Ghosts shouldn't kill people, they're ghosts.

7. Madeline

Episode: "The Tale Of Apartment 213

Why she was so scary: Madeline was the terrifying old lady ghost that haunted an apartment building. When her neighbor, some random young girl, breaks her promise to visit Madeline, Madeline gets PISSED and haunts the poor girl. In the end, and luckily for us, Madeline comes to peace with what has happened. Still terrifying.

6. Other Dimension Creatures

Episode: "The Tale Of The Super Specs"

Why they were scary: Apparently there are a bunch of people that live in the same world as us, but we can't see them. They also dress in all black. That's always scary.

4. Beth

Episode: "The Tale Of Lonely Ghost"

Why she was so scary: Beth was the mute girl who apparently go locked in a room and was never able to get out. LOOK AT HER. She is the face of terror.

3. Mr. Olsen

Episode: "The Tale Of The Pinball Wizard"

Why he was so scary: For all we know, that kid is STILL stuck in the pinball machine playing the game for all of eternity. It's all Mr. Olsen's fault.

1. This Giant Doll

Episode: “The Tale of the Dark Music”

Why she was so scary: Jesus Christ. This was by far the creepiest character on "Are You Afraid." Look at it! Imagine that thing coming out of the closet.

I found a lot of these pics on Sydlexia.


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