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The 40 Most Important Corgis Of 2015

Legitimately the only year-end list you need to see.

40. The Corgi Who Used a Watermelon as a Pillow

39. The Corgi Next to Three Shibas

38. The Kissing Corgis

37. Trinket

36. The Corgi Who Stopped to Think About Life

35. The Corgi-Husky Mix

34. Professor Flufflepuff

I need to go here.

33. Corgnelius & Stumphrey

32. The Corgi Who Had No Chill Around a Hose

31. The Corgi Who Cuddled With a Stuffed Version of Itself

30. Lana Del Corgi

29. The Corgi With the Giant Belly

28. The Corgi Who Has His Own Tiny Corgi Elevator

27. The Corgi Who Went to Work

26. Elphaba Louise, Cardiac Response Corgi Extraordinaire

25. The Corgi Who Got a Free Vacation to Hawaii

24. The Corgi Underneath the German Shepherd

23. Office Corgi

22. The Corgi Who Couldn't Handle His Belly Rub

21. Snapchat Sabotage Corgi

20. The Corgis Who Attacked This Man

19. Monday Morning Corgi

18. The Corgi Who Used a Golden Retriever as a Stool

17. Basic Corgi

16. The Corgi Who Couldn't Get Over a Fence

It's kind of sad + tragic...but it's also amazing. Next year, buddy. Next year.

15. The Corgi Who Couldn't Reach the Tennis Ball

14. All of the Corgis Who Stood on Stumps

Stumping was like the biggest meme for corgis in 2015. It was basically the equivalent of what planking was like for humans in 2013.

13. The Corgi Who Just Gave Up Mid-Walk

12. The Corgi Who Got Stuck in a Slice of Bread

11. The Corgi Who Almost Made It to Bed

10. Jasper Islington

9. Stephen King's Corgi

8. All of the Participants in the World's First Corgi Race

A race truly worth watching.

7. The Corgi Who Was Afraid of a Tiny Pumpkin

View this video on YouTube


Terrifying(ly cute).

6. This Corgi Who Is Literally Just Running

Never stop running. Really, never stop.

5. Hazel, the Dog Who Put Things on Her Head

After landing at #33 in 2014, Hazel moves up 28 spots for her first appearance EVER in the top 10 of the MICL. In 2015, Hazel continued to put a lot of a lot of things on her head.

4. Zeamer

3. Loki

Facebook: video.php

Loki made an iconic video of his reaction when he found out that bacon could cause cancer.

2. The Corgi Who Had His Human's Face Put on a Shirt

1. The Corgis Who Were Afraid of This Really Big Zucchini

Note: #12 is actually Hazel the corgi. Hazel is on this list twice because she is JUST that iconic. She is basically the corgi version of Adele.