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The 40 Most Important Corgis Of 2015

Legitimately the only year-end list you need to see.

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28. The Corgi Who Has His Own Tiny Corgi Elevator

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Shanti needed to get up the stairs of her small house, so she made her human make her an elevator. Every corgi deserves one of these.


15. The Corgi Who Couldn't Reach the Tennis Ball


The Corgi Who Couldn't Reach the Tennis Ball was actually raising awareness for dogs with tiny legs, a problem all corgis can relate to. So charitable.

7. The Corgi Who Was Afraid of a Tiny Pumpkin

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Terrifying(ly cute).

3. Loki

Facebook: video.php

Loki made an iconic video of his reaction when he found out that bacon could cause cancer.

Note: #12 is actually Hazel the corgi. Hazel is on this list twice because she is JUST that iconic. She is basically the corgi version of Adele.


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