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The 40 Most Important Corgis Of 2014

The most important end-of-the-year list is back.

Chris Ritter for BuzzFeed

40. Peanut


Peanut brought the "no makeup movement" mainstream (for corgis) in 2014.

39. Waffles / Via

This year, Waffles got stuck in a bubble.

38. The Corgi That Really Really Loves Bed Bath & Beyond

If you ever needed a 20% off coupon, The Corgi That Really Really Loves Bed Bath & Beyond always had you covered. She just really loves Bed Bath & Beyond.

37. Cooper

Instagram: @nuggetthepembroke / Via

Otherwise known as the "Charles Darwin of Massachusetts." Cooper spent this past summer scaling and studying the Berkshire Mountains all for the sake of preservation purposes. He is credited with discovering a new type of petrified wood and models sunglasses on the side.

36. River

A true expert in "the throwing of shade," River actually didn't mean any ill will with his look. "No shade," River said.

35. The Corgi That Fell Into the Pool


It was funny and sad, but mostly just funny.

34. The Corgi Between This Woman's Knees


The Corgi Between This Woman's Knees was important for a multitude of reasons, but mostly because of that tongue.

33. Hazel / Via

Hazel is the first corgi ever to balance a rocket ship on her head.

32. Geordi


Everyone knows 2014 was all about ass and Geordi is basically responsible for that.

31. The Corgi That Cuddled a Dinosaur


In the words of American Idol winner and chunky highlight queen Kelly Clarkson, "Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this."

30. The Corgi That Got Stuck Between a Microwave and a Refrigerator

The Corgi That Got Stuck Between a Microwave and a Refrigerator eventually wiggled its way out of this situation but not before a picture was snapped. How embarrassing!

29. Unicorgi


Slay mama! Unicorgi is on this list because "Unicorgi" is a great name and also this picture is insanely cute.

28. The 6 Corgis That Behaved Well Enough to Sit on a Chair for a Photo


Quite possibly the most impressive feat of the year.

27. Alton Brown's Corgis

Facebook: altonbrown

Cute and culinary trained, Alton Brown's Corgis have it all. They'll even make you a sandwich.

26. Brooklyn

One of Vine's most pupular corgis, Brooklyn almost made it down that slide.

25. Massage Corgi

View this video on YouTube

Massage Corgi had us all say, "Now doesn't that feel good."

24. The Nine Corgis at the Door


The Nine Corgis at the Door knocked on our door and we let them in. Little do they know, we're never letting them go. Sorry!

23. The 2014 Graduating Class of Corgi Preschool

We're just really proud of them and literacy.

22. The Corgi That Really Wanted That Green Bean A.K.A. Jasper Islingston / Via

Rumor has it, he got it.

21. The Green Corgi


Otherwise known as "Hulk." The Green Corgi played in some grass and woke up like this.

20. The First Dog of California, Sutter Brown

Twitter: @sutterbrown

A gracious leader, Sutter Brown not only ran the state of California but also took time out of his day to take pictures with his minor minions. How sweet!

19. Mei


Mei turned a watermelon into a helmet and instantly became the face of metal.

18. Gatsby and Scout


"My Sisfur" was an iconic term of endearment in 2013, and it continued to be one in 2014 as well.

17. The Corgi That Got Stuck in a Box of Quick Oats


While this actually turned out to be a viral marketing campaign for Quick Oats, it's still so ridiculously cute that it didn't even matter. We never even cared.*

16. Aster


It goes without saying that Aster was the Kendall Jenner of corgis this year. Everyone wanted a piece of her.

15. Edison


The derp of the year. We actually have no idea how Edison derped this damn hard.

14. Holly

My philanthropic queen! Holly gave blood this year and other corgis followed. She has saved an estimated 7,000 corgi lives through her chain of influence.

13. Winston

12. Casino Corgi


The freshest face and highest roller in Veggy (a cute nickname for Vegas). Casino Corgi is literally so popular that her face covers multiple slots at the Wynn, Planet Hollywood, and Cosmopolitan casinos. There's a new bitch (female dog) in town and she's running things.

11. Nugget

Instagram: @nuggetthepembroke / Via

Nugget got drunk on Lime-A-Ritas, passed out, and fell into our hearts. Definitely our favorite future alcoholic of the year!

10. The Corgi That Fell Asleep in Class

This corgi captured the hearts and souls of teens everywhere with this highly relatable action: sleep.

9. Bentley


A true survivor by all means and definitions of the word, Bentley inspires all paralyzed corgis everywhere that they should never give up.

8. Chubby


Chubby got buried and it was awesome.

7. Otis


A perennial favorite, Otis once again proved his influence in 2014 by giving great face while running.

6. The Corgi and Cat That Became Best Friends


The Corgi and Cat That Became Best Friends have done more for corgi/cat relations than basically any cat or corgi has in the past 50 years or so. Their impact.

5. The Corgi That Came Out of a Package of Cookies


Jesus walked on water, this corgi came out of a package of cookies. A true miracle.

4. Penny


Penny's just really good at eating soup.

3. The Corgi That Was Used for Scale

Used but not forgotten, The Corgi That Was Used for Scale was literally useful this year and we're thankful for that.

2. The Corgi That Fell in the Mud

We actually have little information on how the corgi actually fell in the mud, but we do know that The Corgi That Fell in the Mud is totally OK. Work, bitch!

1. Corgnelius and Stumphrey


They're no strangers to the "Most Important Corgis List," and this year Corgnelius and Stumphrey top it for the second straight year! The two have, yet again, reinvented themselves. This year they've shown their "smarter sides" by publishing a book and ruling academia. Most importantly, they started wearing bow ties.

Correction: After being contacted by their human, we were told The Corgi That Got Stuck in a Box of Quick Oats was actually not a viral marketing campaign for Quick Oats ;)