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The 40 Most Important Corgis Of 2014

The most important end-of-the-year list is back.

40. Peanut

39. Waffles

38. The Corgi That Really Really Loves Bed Bath & Beyond

37. Cooper

36. River

35. The Corgi That Fell Into the Pool

34. The Corgi Between This Woman's Knees

33. Hazel

32. Geordi

31. The Corgi That Cuddled a Dinosaur

30. The Corgi That Got Stuck Between a Microwave and a Refrigerator

29. Unicorgi

28. The 6 Corgis That Behaved Well Enough to Sit on a Chair for a Photo

27. Alton Brown's Corgis

26. Brooklyn


One of Vine's most pupular corgis, Brooklyn almost made it down that slide.

25. Massage Corgi

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Massage Corgi had us all say, "Now doesn't that feel good."

24. The Nine Corgis at the Door

23. The 2014 Graduating Class of Corgi Preschool

22. The Corgi That Really Wanted That Green Bean A.K.A. Jasper Islingston

21. The Green Corgi

20. The First Dog of California, Sutter Brown

19. Mei

18. Gatsby and Scout

17. The Corgi That Got Stuck in a Box of Quick Oats

16. Aster

15. Edison

14. Holly

13. Winston

12. Casino Corgi

11. Nugget

10. The Corgi That Fell Asleep in Class

9. Bentley

8. Chubby

7. Otis

6. The Corgi and Cat That Became Best Friends

5. The Corgi That Came Out of a Package of Cookies

4. Penny

3. The Corgi That Was Used for Scale

2. The Corgi That Fell in the Mud

1. Corgnelius and Stumphrey

Correction: After being contacted by their human, we were told The Corgi That Got Stuck in a Box of Quick Oats was actually not a viral marketing campaign for Quick Oats ;)