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Updated on Aug 19, 2020. Posted on Dec 6, 2013

The 40 Most Important Corgis Of 2013

Congratulations to all of the corgis that made this year's list! You all rock, never change.

40. Coffee Corgi


2012 was all about tea, but Coffee Corgi really brought coffee mainstream in 2013.

39. Franklin

Via Facebook: FindFranklin

The most mysterious corgi of the year was literally always hiding. Franklin used his hiding skills and made some $$$. His first book came out this summer.

38. The 5 Corgis On A Lawnmower


2013's most successful small business owners. The 5 Corgis On A Lawnmower are expanding their business from Texas and Oklahoma to 5 other states next year.

37. Duke

Via Instagram: @duke_thecorgi

Arguably the cutest corgi puppy of the year.

36. Sailor Corgi


Sailor Corgi inspired thousands of corgis to take to the sea in 2013.

35. Desmondhe

Via Instagram: @desmondhe

New on the insta scene this year, Desmondhe made noise for his flawless smile.

34. Konatsu

Via Facebook: kasumi.kitada

Konatsu really didn't want to swim...

... but his human made him anyway.

33. The Box Of Corgi Puppies

View this video on YouTube

This video is simply iconic.

32. The Corgi That Thought He Was A Sea Turtle


Quite possibly the most awkward moment of the year.

31. The Corgi That Makes Your Monday Suck Less


Thank you, Corgi That Made Your Monday Suck Less. Just thank you.

30. Bandit


Bandit took this picture and the world stopped spinning for exactly 4 seconds. His impact.

29. The Corgi That Walked A Horse


The Corgi That Walked A Horse is rumored to be a bit "bossy", but other sources say no one gets the job done quite like her. Still, this is quite impressive.

28. Ed & Jiggles aka Two Silly Corgis


They're just two funny ladies.


They were arrested this summer.

27. Zoey


Zoey had a chill year. A very chill year indeed.

26. Corki


Corki really stepped up the game for corgi high fives this year.

25. The Two Corgis Stuffed In Reusable Bags


Most brilliant marketing campaign of 2013. Many people didn't know that this was actually an ad for corgi-holding canvas bags.

24. Goro


Goro had a number of health emergencies later in the year. A true pinnacle in the corgi community, Goro is credited to really making corgis happen.

23. The Corgi That Took A Nap In A Little Blanket


Such an unforgettable moment that truly captures the spirit of 2013.

22. The Corgi That Befriended An Orphaned Bunny


This was huge for corgi/bunny relations.

21. Zombie Corgi


Really great moment for the undead.

20. The Corgis That Got Married

Flickr: 31146731@N03

Such timeless + classic corgi beauty.

Flickr: 31146731@N03

Unfortunately they got divorced... but their wedding lives on on Pinterest boards across the web.

19. The Corgi That Made An Old Man's Life


The picture was posted by Reddit user CorgiMum with the caption, “My corgi bringing joy to an elderly man whom she met this morning.” CAN YOU TAKE IT?

18. Emo Corgi

Via Facebook: MY-EMO

Corgis with dramatic eyebrows were a big hit in French Polynesia this year.

17. Miley Corgus

View this video on YouTube

Miley Corgus really figured out how to use her best ASSets in 2013.

16. The Corgi That Ate An Entire Cupcake In One Bite


The Corgi That Ate An Entire Cupcake In One Bite played an important part in the 2013's very popular body acceptance movement.

15. Otis


Otis was a big player in 2012 and continued to be KOABD (kind of a big deal) in 2013. His spat with a leaf blower was quite popular with fans and non-fans alike.

14. Chubby


Chubby mastered the upside-down grass selfie in 2013. He's rumored to be the cover model of the February 2014 issue of Modern Farmer.

13. Ironically Slutty Halloween Corgi


Such a powerful statement on human Halloween culture. Ironically Slutty Halloween Corgi really nailed it.

12. Ein Douglass Stumpy

The bravest/most annoying corgi on the list. I love you.

11. The Corgi That Watches People Pee


The Corgi That Watches People Pee really drew attention to the phenomenon of pets watching humans pee.

10. Gatsby


Gatsby is currently planning for total world domination so it should be interesting to see what he does in the new year.

9. The Corgi Got Stuck In A Cup

He got stuck in a cup.

8. Ollie

Ollie was the derpiest corgi of the year.

He takes his title very seriously:

7. Trinket


Trinket is the most charitable corgi on this year's list. She hoarded Twinkies for the poor.

6. The Corgi That Herded A Huge Group Stuffed Sheep


Truly impressive.

5. Soul Ja Dog


Little known fact: Soul Ja Dog is second cousins with Ja Rule.

4. Tupac Shacorgi

Via Instagram: @tupacshacorgi

In corgi world, names are important and Tupac Shacorgi was the best name of the year because duh.

3. The Corgi In Corgi Pajamas

Blows my God damn mind every time I see this picture.

2. Super Corgi

Via Facebook: arisuu

Super Corgi was the most popular guest (for obvious reasons) at the largest corgi gathering of 2013: The SoCal Corgi Meetup. He's an instant star.

1. Corgnelius & Stumphrey


The most popular corgi brothers on THE ENTIRE INTERNET. I see big things in 2014 for these two. It should also be noted how gracious they are. When I reached out for comment they simply said, "Thanks 2 r fans. We r v. humbled."


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