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The 40 Most Important Corgis Of 2013

Congratulations to all of the corgis that made this year's list! You all rock, never change.

40. Coffee Corgi

39. Franklin

38. The 5 Corgis On A Lawnmower

37. Duke

36. Sailor Corgi

35. Desmondhe

34. Konatsu

... but his human made him anyway.

33. The Box Of Corgi Puppies

View this video on YouTube

This video is simply iconic.

32. The Corgi That Thought He Was A Sea Turtle

31. The Corgi That Makes Your Monday Suck Less

30. Bandit

29. The Corgi That Walked A Horse

28. Ed & Jiggles aka Two Silly Corgis

27. Zoey

26. Corki

25. The Two Corgis Stuffed In Reusable Bags

24. Goro

23. The Corgi That Took A Nap In A Little Blanket

22. The Corgi That Befriended An Orphaned Bunny

21. Zombie Corgi

20. The Corgis That Got Married

19. The Corgi That Made An Old Man's Life

18. Emo Corgi

17. Miley Corgus

View this video on YouTube

Miley Corgus really figured out how to use her best ASSets in 2013.

16. The Corgi That Ate An Entire Cupcake In One Bite

15. Otis

14. Chubby

13. Ironically Slutty Halloween Corgi

12. Ein Douglass Stumpy

11. The Corgi That Watches People Pee

10. Gatsby

9. The Corgi Got Stuck In A Cup

8. Ollie

He takes his title very seriously:

7. Trinket

6. The Corgi That Herded A Huge Group Stuffed Sheep

5. Soul Ja Dog

4. Tupac Shacorgi

3. The Corgi In Corgi Pajamas

2. Super Corgi

1. Corgnelius & Stumphrey