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The 35 Creepiest 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark' Characters

Here are the 35 scariest characters from the Nickelodeon show that scarred the lives of kids (like me) growing up in the 90's. "I'm cold" anyone?

  • 1. Madeline

    Madeline was the terrifying old lady ghost from "The Tale of Apartment 214." When a young girl breaks her promise to visit Madeline, Madeline gets PISSED and haunts the poor girl. In the end, and luckily for us, Madeline comes to peace with what has happened. Phew.

  • 2. Peter

    Peter was the boy who ran a resort in "The Tale of the Captured Souls." He stole the souls of his guests, thereby staying young FOREVER.

  • 3. Janice

    Tia and Tamera Mowry are straight up scary in "The Tale of the Chameleons" because they end up turning into evil chameleons.

  • 4. Old Man Corcoran

    The caretaker of a graveyeard, Old Man Corcoran looks like death.

  • 5. The Crimson Clown

    An evil clown doll that terrorizes a young boy.

  • 6. The Pool Spirit

    The fleshy ghost monster thing that lived in a abandoned high school pool in "The Tale of the Dead Man's Float."

  • 7. Sardo

    Sardo actually wasn't really scary, but he was such a little bitch. Talk about T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

  • 8. The Creepiest Doll EVER

    In "The Tale of the Dark Music" scary shit came out of a closet every time music was played. This Doll was (and still is) the scariest thing ever.

  • 9. The School Photographer

    In "The Tale of The Curious Camera" Eddie receives a camera from this creepy school photographer guy. The camera pretty much destroys anything it takes a picture of. What a nice gift.

  • 10. Donna Maitland AKA The Dream Girl

    Donna was the hottie from "The Tale of the Dream Girl." She was dead.

  • 11. The Sandman

    Bobcat Goldthwait's voice was enough to scare the bejesus out of me.

  • 12. The Frozen Ghost

    Two words: "I'm cold."

  • 13. The Clown

    This. Clown. Was. Terrifying. And it was in the intro to every show!

  • 14. Dora

    Dora was the crazy possessed girl in "The Tale Of The Hungry Hounds." She had to FEED THE HOUNDS.

  • 15. The Lonely Ghost

    The haunted mute girl that writes insanely scary things all over the walls of her room in "The Tale of The Lonely Ghost."

  • 16. Aaron AKA Gort

    The creepy midge from "The Tale of Jake The Leprechaun."

  • 17. Zeebo

    Zeebo was the cigar loving clown that died in a funhouse. That shit wouldn't fly nowadays.

  • 18. Candy Warren

    Candy Warren was the hippie chick who was blown up in a lab accident in "The Tale Of Locker 22." She never spoke.

  • 19. Nosferatu

    The monster that comes out of the screen in "The Tale of the Midnight Madness." Those teeth. Yuck.

  • 20. The Braun Family

    The vampire family that kept blood in their basement fridge. Remember when the little kid breaks into the basement? TERRIFYING.

  • 21. Dr. Vink

    Dr. Vink was a reoccurring character that was always up to something. He made that poison soup (with the fear venom) and was a "backwoods scientist" in "The Tale of The Phanton Cab."

  • 22. Susan

    The girl that was stuck in the dollhouse in "The Tale of the Dollmaker." The scariest part of the episode was when she started to take her limbs off, like her hands. Gross. And scary.

  • 23. Mr. Olson

    Mr Olson was the store owner in "The Tale Of The Pinball Wizard." For all we know, that kid is STILL stuck in the pinball machine playing the game for all of eternity.

  • 24. The Mummy

    The Mummy in "The Tale of the Guardian's Curse" was all slimy and gross.

  • 25. The Water Demons

    The ghosts from a shipwreck that wanted their treasure back. This one made you afraid to go to sleep because every time you went to sleep they would come out of the water in search of their ~treasure~

  • 26. The Lost Campers

    The three hags from "The Tale of Watcher's Woods" were the ghosts of 3 lost campers. They wanted their whistles!

  • 27. Ricky Hagerty

    Ricky was the dead teen from "The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle." His best friend was haunted by his ghost bringing a whole new meaning to BFF.

  • 28. Judy "Dede" Larson

    Judy was the weird girl from "The Tale of The Prom Queen." She was also dead.

  • 29. The Quiet Librarian

    Libraries are creepy and this episode didn't make it any better. She stole your voice! She wanted ~~silence~~~

  • 30. Jacob

    Jacob was a ghost in "The Tale of The Room For Rent" that haunted the man who killed him in WW2. That's pretty heavy stuff.

  • 31. The Silent Servant

    Two kids made a scarecrow come alive with magic. It tried to take your soul! Which was actually a problem in like every episode.

  • 32. Other-Dimension Creatures

    The Other-Dimension Creatures were freaaaaky. They were in the episode, "The Tale of The Silver Specs." Whenever the kid put on the glasses he saw these terrifying things. Love the rainbow 3-D effect, though.

  • 33. Mrs. Briar

    Mrs. Briar was the lunatic art teacher with the evil brushes that stole your soul. Mega bitch.

  • 34. Marie

    Marie's face was TERRIFYING (and disgusting). She was in "The Tale of The Vacant Lot" and made a poor insecure girl uglier than she already was.

  • 35. Roy

    Gilbert Gottfried was the asshole manager of a radio station in "The Tale of Station 109.1." His voice: Ahhh!