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    Updated on Nov 26, 2019. Posted on Jul 8, 2014

    The 35 Best YouTube Comments Of All Time

    Sometimes YouTube comments are actually really funny.

    YouTube comments:

    Long regarded as a place no real-life person should ever venture into, YouTube comments are experiencing somewhat of a Renaissance. That's not really true, but they're getting better! The following 35 comments are the ~ cream of the crop ~ the ~ best of the best ~. In some cases, they actually make the video.

    These are comments that are ACTUALLY funny. Enjoy.

    35. "ha ha"


    Note: This was, at the time, the only comment left on this video. It had 6,787 likes.

    34. "I use to think"

    33. "What kind of dog is that?"

    32. "Science"

    31. "Is it safe?"

    30. "Pitbull"

    29. "Thumbs up"

    28. "Bob Ross"

    27. "Hitler?"

    26. "Nuts"

    25. "Captain"

    24. "10 Hours Of Darth Vader Breathing"

    23. "Donald, I love you"

    22. "The Village"


    21. "The Chicago Bulls"

    20. "Chim Chimney"

    19. "Inspecting mirrors"


    18. "No questions asked"

    17. "Pretty amazing"

    16. "After I take a bong hit"

    15. "Rings made by a professional hookah smoker"

    14. "These watermelons"

    13. "She looks like the kind of girl"

    12. "Dizzy Gillepsie's cheeks"

    11. "This is what happens to a bird when fed alka seltzer"

    Ladies and gentleman and everyone else, YOUR TOP 10!

    10. "Dolphins"

    9. "John Legend's voice"

    8. "His eyebrows"

    7. "The Crossbow"

    6. "The Bridge"

    5. "Optimus Prime"

    4. "Vanya, the motorcyclist"

    3. "WEED POOP!!!!"


    2. "omfg your dog"

    And your number one, obviously...

    1. "Physical therapy exercise"

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