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The 30 Most Memorable Mug Shots Of 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the best mug shots of the year. Everyone's a winner!

Most Painful

Daniel Wood, a homeless man in Ohio was sniffing on some spray cans when cops tasered him. The taser set him on fire. This was his mug shot.

Most Pathetic

21-year-old Sean Sexton, an Arizona State University student, went batshit crazy outside a local check cashing store on October 28. Sexton fired an Airsoft rifle at the store’s windows, causing more than $15,000 worth of damage. This was his mug shot.

Duo Of The Year

These were the 2 Domino's employees who farted/spit/snotted on food.


Katt Williams. He's a comedian!

Biggest Redneck

Dale Lee was arrested for aggravated battery. Yes, his teeth. But why wasn't he wearing a shirt?

Celebrity Mug Shot Of The Year

Phil Spector. Congrats!

Best Hair

Marcus T. Bailey was arrested outside a barbershop when he stepped outside, mid-haircut.

Hall Of Fame

Henry Earl was arrested for his 1,000th time this year. Kudos!


Maria Magobet ordered lunch meat and cheese from a deli counter, then left the store without paying. This was her mugshot.

Biggest Surprise

The ShamWow guy got arrested in Miami after a hotel brawl with a prostitute.

Most Stylish

This man was arrested while driving under the influence, while wearing pink dress.


The cast of the Vampire Diaries was arrested for allegedly flashing motorists.

Best Face Tattoo

22-year old Sean Roberts' has the state of Florida tattoo'd on his face. Easy win.

Most Bad Ass

24-year old Nicole Marty flipped off the cops in her mugshot after crashing into a utility pole in Long Island.

Best Facial Hair

Half beard man! Genius.

Most Unfortunate T-Shirt

Bradley Gellert was arrested for charges of assaulting his wife.


18-year-old Tyler Hayes Weinman was charged for a string of cat killings and mutilations in the Miami area.


Best Eyebrows

Gorgeous/flawless beauty.

Best Graphic T


Miss Teen Louisiana was arrested after she and a group of friends allegedly tried to dine-and-dash over a $46.07 bill. Problem — the pageant queen left her purse at the scene of the crime. Oops!

Former Child Star Mug Shot Of The Year

“Family Ties” star Brian Bonsall was arrested after allegedly hitting one of his best friends, Michael Trujilo, in the face with a bar stool.

Most ~Ironic~

Donald Earl Fite III AKA "The Hipster Fish Killer" is on probation for impaling his girlfriends purple betta fish named DeLorean. He reportedly told police, "If she can't have me, then she can't have the fish!"

Best Halloween Costume

Pirate Of The Year

Kay B. Fortheringham tried to shoot a stray cat, but instead hit two people.

Most Embarrassing Crime


Carla Levesque was busted for having sex with an unidentified man in the restroom of the Rockville Public Library.

Drunk Clown Of The Year

Hottest Mess

Worst Disguise EVER

The permanent marker mask guys.


We've removed the name of one of the people pictured at his family's request.