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    The 29 Absolute Weirdest And Most Unusual Barbies I'm Genuinely Surprised Ever Got Made

    Honestly, the Rosie Barbie is a steal on eBay.

    To my knowledge, all of the following are actual, real Barbies that Mattel once made...

    1. Kool-Aid Barbie

    barbie wearing overalls in the box

    2. Shaving Fun Ken

    razer in the box with ken

    3. Rappin' Rockin' Ken

    ken with a boom box

    4. Rappin' Rockin' Barbie

    5. Earring Magic Ken

    ken with an earring wearing a vest

    6. Barbie & Ken Star Trek Barbie

    barbie in the box with cardboard characters from star trek

    7. Oreo Barbie

    8. Oreo FUN Barbie

    barbie wearing oreo-printed clothes

    9. Lounge Kitties Barbie

    barbie in a cat outfit

    10. Butterfly Art Ken

    butterfly temp tattoos

    11. Tattoo Barbie

    tattoo gun comes with the barbie

    12. Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor Barbie

    goth barbie

    13. Barbie and her pooping dog Tanner

    14. Kissing Barbie

    the doll who kisses!

    15. Kiss AND Cuddle Barbie

    barbie ken and two kids

    16. George Washington Barbie

    barbie wearing george washington clothes

    17. Rosie O'Donnell Barbie

    18. Reba Barbie

    19. Birthing Dog Barbie

    20. Video Girl Barbie

    21. Midge with magnetic pregnant stomach

    22. Shoe Obsession Barbie

    dress is a net that has plastic shoes in it

    23. Baywatch Theresa

    24. Grandpa Barbie

    25. Twilight Barbie

    26. Heidi Klum Barbie

    27. Gigi Hadid Barbie

    28. The Birds Barbie

    barbie being attacked by birds

    29. And last but not least, Chewbacca Barbie