The 25 Best Nicknames From The New York Mob Bust

Earlier today I posted a few nicknames from the biggest mafia bust in FBI history. Well, I found court papers, and turns out there are even more convicted mobsters with amazing nicknames. Now hopefully they don’t kill me for posting them.

  • 1. JOHN HARTMAN, aka "Lumpy," "Fatty," and "Fats"

  • 2. JOHN PORCELLO, aka "Johnny Pizza"

  • 3. ANDREW RUSSO, aka "Mush"

  • 4. JOSEPH CARNA, aka "Junior Lollipops"

  • 5. BENJAMIN CASTELAZZO, aka "Benji," "The Claw," and "The Fang"

  • 6. DENNIS DELUCIA, aka "Fat Dennis," "Little Dennis," and "The Beard"

  • 7. GIUSEPPE DESTEFANO, aka "Pooch"

  • 8. ANTHONY DURSO, aka "Baby Fat Larry" and "BFL"

  • 9. JACK RIZZOCASCIO, aka "Jack the Wack"

  • 10. ILARIO SESSO, aka "Larry," "Fat Larry," and "FL"

  • 11. BARTOLOMEO VERNACE, aka "Peppy," "Bobby," "Bobby Glasses," and "Robert"

  • 12. VITO CORTESIANO, aka "Vito Love"

  • 13. VINCENZO FROGIERO, aka "Vinny Carwash"

  • 14. FRANK BELLANTONI, aka "Meatball"

  • 15. CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS, aka "Burger"

  • 16. MICHAEL KUHTENIA, aka "Jello"

  • 17. LUIGI MANOCCHIO, aka "Baby Shacks," "The Old Man," and "The Professor"

  • 18. GIOVANNI VELLA, aka "John Vella," "Mousey" and "Little John"

  • 19. JOHN BRANCACCIO, aka "Johnny Bandana"

  • 20. VINCENT AULISI, aka "The Vet"

  • 21. DANIEL CILENTI, aka "Uncle Danny"

  • 22. VINCENT DRAGONETTI, aka "Vinny," "Skinny," "Mike," "Mikey," and "Marbles"

  • 23. ANTHONY LICATA, aka "Cheeks," "Anthony Firehawk," "Anthony Nighthawk," "Nighthawk," and "Firehawk"

  • 24. JOHN AZARELLI, aka "Johnny Cash"

  • 25. ANTHONY CALABRO, aka "Nooch"

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