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The 25 Gayest Pictures Of The Pope

In the words of the great Honey Boo Boo: "Ain't nothin' wrong with being a little gay!"

25. With his glamtourage.

24. Fluffing his hair, not a care, staring at some birds.

23. You know, just getting a kiss from another man.

22. Loving his furry little beanie.

21. Also that cape!

20. This hat is really cute, too.

19. Going in for a kiss.

18. Really enjoying this kiss.

17. Loving the way his cape was blowing in the wind.

16. Just two dudes wearing dresses hugging it out.

15. Being tickled.

14. Working that runway with former President GWB!

13. No comment.

12. Dress up.

11. "Haiii!!!!!"

10. Everyone gets a kiss!

9. Running to each other...

8. Their arms open wide...

7. And BOOM! They embrace.

6. 5 pictures of shirtless acrobats performing a private show for him:





1. Bye!