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The Official 2014 Ladies Olympic Figure Skating Drinking Game

Here's another great reason to get drunk and watch figure skating.

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Any time Scott Hamilton does one of the following:

1. Raises his voice: “Triple tooooooe,” “Double luuuuutz”

2. Laughs when someone lands a jump: “Hahahahaha oh!”

3. “Beaaaaaaaautiful”

4. Says someone is “truly special.”

5. Talks about maturity.

6. "It wasn't bad, it just wasn't..."

Any use of the word “fire” or fire metaphors when describing a skater’s performance.

E.g., "Hot off her win at nationals" or "That was a fiery performance."


Any use of “this young lady.”

E.g., "This young lady was second at this years' world championships." "This young lady could surprise some folks." "This young lady loves to listen to Lady Gaga before competing." Etc.

Any time there is 1 minute of total silence without commentary and you have no idea what's going on.


Any comparison to a horse is made.

E.g., "She's like the Seabiscuit of figure skating."


Any mention of an American figure skating legend.

E.g., Peggy Flemming, Tonya Harding, Kristi Yamaguchi, Dorothy Hamil, or Nancy Kerrigan.

Finish your drink if the cameras pan to said figure skating legend in the audience and they're on their iPhone.


If they say "salchow" more than three times during one person's performance.