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The 20 Most Fabulous Dogs At Sundance

As usual, all the big names came out to Sundance for a week of free stuff and movies. Here's who I caught up with on Main Street in Park City.

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Roxie reportedly caused a scene inside the Burton swag suite when she refused to have her picture taken with a snowboard, but according to her, "the incident was totally overblown."


10. Boomer

The usually fresh-faced Boomer had seen better days on Main. According to him, he was "cold," but we all know that it probably had something to do with his recent breakup with Teena Marie.


The 7-year-old heartthrob was in town for the premiere of his new documentary Butts. Critics are wondering if Cody can successfully make the transition from actor to director with this latest venture.

1. Ricky

This is the shot everyone was talking about at Sundance. What was Ricky doing in public? He hasn't been seen in years. Fans are hoping this is a sign of a long-awaited film comeback.

All photos by me.


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