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The 12 Best 'All That' Skits

Pierre Escargot, Vital Information For Your Everyday Life, The Repairman man man man man = skits from the most amazing kids comedy sketch show ever: ALL THAT. Here are videos of the 12 best skits (I would have included more if they were on YouTube, "The Okrah Show" anyone?). But anyways, who was everyone's favorite cast member? Lori Beth all the way here. My nostalgia is getting the best of me this week.

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  • 1. Everyday French With Pierre Escargot

  • 2. Vital Information For Your Everyday Life

    Still funny today.

  • 3. The Librarian

  • 4. The Repairman

  • 5. Earboy

    Ross Perot = GENIUS.

  • 6. Cooking With Randy And Mandy


  • 7. Coach Kreeton

  • 8. Ishboo

    My personal favorite.

  • 9. Detective Dan

  • 10. What's In The Box?

  • 11. Good Burger

  • 12. Ask Ashley

    Sorry for the quality on this one, but it was a MUST.