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The 10 Best Tweets From Kanye West's Apology To Taylor Swift

Kanye West finally apologized to Taylor Swift via Twitter. Instead of reading his ridiculously long apology, check out these 10 tweets.

  • 1. Kanye compares himself to Ron Burgandy

  • 2. Kanye talks about hanging out with a white girl

  • 3. Kanye compares his ego to hoodies

  • 4. Kanye feels bad for kids named after him

  • 5. Kanye compares his story to 'Wicked'

  • 6. Kanye talks about dressing nicely and acting distastefully

  • 7. Kanye talks about his grammar

  • 8. Kanye admits his love for country music

  • 9. Kanye bleeds for Taylor

  • 10. And finally...