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The 10 Best Moments From Whitney Houston's Infamous Diane Sawyer Interview

Whitney Houston will be on Oprah Monday for her first big interview in nearly 7 years. Oprah's calling it her best interview ever. I find that very hard to believe. This interview from 2002 when Whitney was still all drugged up is the best Whitney interview ever. Relive the magic with these 10 clips.

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  • 1. Crack is cheap

  • 2. Do you really know?

  • 3. Show me the receipts

  • 4. What does hitting mean?

  • 5. Are you jealous of Whitney?

  • 6. I'm addicted to a few things

  • 7. Leave the drugs alone

  • 8. No temptations today?

  • 9. Other people...Other people...

  • 10. Grant you I party

  • 11. BONUS: Bobby on his drug use