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    25 Texts You'll Only Get From Your Grandmother

    Everyone knows grandmas are masters of texting. It's just facts.

    1. The Blah Blah Blah Random State

    2. The (I Have No Idea What That Even Means) Mammoth

    3. The Cannibal

    4. The Lil Wayne Superfan

    5. The Desperate Tomato

    6. The Factmaster

    7. The Herbalist

    8. The Oblivious Stoner

    9. The Drunk

    10. The Bug Collector

    11. The Child Collector

    12. The Facebook Stalker


    14. The Forever Horny

    15. The One With A Lot Of Opinions About Television

    16. The Obvious Beginner

    17. The Farm Animal Fanatic

    18. The One Who Needs A Calendar

    19. The Not Even Going To Acknowledge That Previous Text

    20. The Oh God, Grandma. No.

    21. The Chronic Period User

    22. The Music Expert

    23. The Random Body Of Water

    24. The I Don't Even Know

    And lastly...

    25. The Happy Thanksgiving :)

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