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    Literally Just 29 Pictures Of Tennis Players Taking Off Their Shirts


    1. You clicked on this.

    2. You knew what you were getting yourself into.

    3. This is just a bunch of pictures of shirtless tennis players.

    4. Here's one.

    5. And another.

    6. I'm not one to thirst shame but you clicked on this knowing you'd be looking at tennis players taking their shirts off. Don't be mad.

    7. I warned you with that headline.

    8. This BuzzFeed post is literally called: Literally Just 29 Pictures Of Tennis Players Taking Off Their Shirts.

    9. Just accept the truth that your nine pictures deep of shirtless tennis players.

    10. When I told you I was going to give you shirtless tennis players I really meant it.

    11. I don't like lying! I'm not a Gemini!

    12. So here's another shirtless tennis player.

    13. And another.

    14. I apologize that I don't know any of their names.

    15. But this post wasn't about names. It's literally just pictures of shirtless tennis players.

    16. Here:

    17. Here:

    18. And here:

    19. Deal with it.

    20. This is a celebration of liberation from sweaty tennis clothing.

    21. Sorry that was dumb what I said above. It's literally just an excuse to post pictures of hot tennis players.

    22. Not much left to say except enjoy.

    23. Appreciate your views.

    24. Love the game.

    25. Love the player more.

    26. Deedily dee.

    27. Deedily dum.

    28. Second to last one.

    29. And that's all folks.

    Thank you for going on this journey with me.