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    For Everyone Who Can Finally Safely Admit They Like Taylor Swift

    Everything has changed.

    In case you somehow haven't seen the 72 BuzzFeed stories about it, Taylor Swift broke her "political silence" by endorsing two Democratic candidates on Instagram.

    She went from 0 to 100 real quick, liking a ton of political posts on Tumblr including this one where she is kicking a Republican.

    The queen of calculation (not being shady, I think it's smart), is now seeing a large group of gay men and women slowly coming forward as fans.

    When Taylor Swift wrote, “Put the money in a bag and I stole the keys That was the last time you ever saw me” in underrated bop “Getaway Car,” she was actually referring to taking MAGA money all summer then coming out as a Democrat & jetting off to Europe.

    Historically, it wasn't cute being an "out" Taylor Swift fan. You had to make your Spotify scrobbling private, pretend "Blank Space" was anything but the best pop song of the past 10 years, and in general, nod in agreement when someone was like "Taylor Swift voted for Trump. Bye." It was very much a "hush-hush" operation.

    But that all changed when Taylor came out as not a Republican.

    Taylor Swift fans are finally able to listen guilt free.

    finally, I can listen to the Taylor Swift Spotify playlist guilt free

    There is no shame.

    Taylor Swift finally came out with her political views and now I can listen to her with no shame

    No feelings of betrayal.

    now i can finally listen to taylor swift without feeling like im betraying something

    No slander.

    Finally I can listen to taylor swift without slander whew 😂

    It's a new world.

    So it looks like I’m finally in the clear to admit that Taylor Swift’s first four albums were absolute KNEE SLAPPERS. Might need to give those girls a few good streams.

    A world where it's (kind of) socially acceptable to listen to Taylor Swift.

    @ABC I was a down low @taylorswift13 fan but now I’m coming out! Taylor Swift this Sista’s got you! 💃🏽

    Liking Taylor Swift is now like a planet fitness, a judgment free zone (minus the free pizza and candy).

    I can finally listen to Taylor Swift without being judged

    As Celine Dion once said, "A new day has come."

    I know every lyric and now feel safe enough to admit I know every lyric of all her songs. There, I said it.

    Love wins, whatever that means.

    I’m glad its ok to stan Taylor Swift again, i was getting tired of pretending i didn’t care for her

    I'll leave you with this poem:

    Roses are red, some Dutch people are named Sven, it's finally okay to listen to Taylor Swift again.

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