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    Sydney Sweeney Cries A LOT On "Euphoria," And She Wore A Funny Shirt In Public Seemingly Referencing This Fact

    My new obsession.

    Sydney Sweeney *is* the moment.

    Sydney waving at people outside

    Ever since I saw her on White Lotus, I was hooked.

    Sydney sitting on a beach lounge chair by the hotel pool next to Brittany O'Grady in a scene from White Lotus

    And now that I've started Euphoria, I'm obsessed.

    Sydney posing for a photo with Euphoria castmate Jacob Elordi on the red carpet

    Like obsessed, obsessed.

    Like, I looked up what Sydney Sweeney stans are called, and I can't find a conclusive answer.

    .@sydney_sweeney what are your stans called? Sweeney Todds? Dancing Sweens? Syd’s Kids? Hope you’re having a good weekend!

    Twitter: @rallen912

    But IDK, I'm kind of into "Dancing Sweens."

    Anyway, if you watch Euphoria, you know that her character, Cassie, is constantly crying.

    Cassie sitting in front a floral backdrop weeping

    Like full-on weeping.

    Cassie being dragged away as she breaks down in tears

    Like, she can't catch a damn break!

    Cassie hysterically crying as she says "I have never, ever been happier!"

    It's a *thing*.

    That’s two episodes in a row we got Cassie running upstairs crying #Euphoria

    Twitter: @mma_messiah

    And people have noticed.

    Sydney Sweeney can cry her ass off 😭 #Euphoria

    Twitter: @jhilikeye

    She's really good at it.

    Sydney Sweeney know she can cry #Euphoria

    Twitter: @TheKidJana

    And let's be real, she pulls it off.

    sydney sweeney is the definition of pretty when i cry

    Twitter: @lqngdons

    But in all honesty, Sydney has become one of the absolute best parts of the show.

    honestly but sydney sweeney deserves an emmy in this season #Euphoria

    Twitter: @uwfexi

    And as her fame grows, she's started to get attention from paparazzi.

    And now it seems like Sydney is having fun with them.

    Sydney on a small luxurious boat at an event

    Sydney wore a shirt seemingly nodding to Cassie's obsessive crying.

    Sydney walks down the street while wearing a crop top shirt that says "I cry a lot (and that's ok" with a tear replacing the 'o' in lot

    And here's a closer look:

    Who doesn't like a referential moment?

    Also, look, she's smiling. And for my fellow Dancing Sweens, that's her longtime boyfriend, Jonathan Davino.

    That's it. That's all. I just basically wanted a place to obsess a bit. Thank you and goodbye.