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I Just Learned About "Feeding Stations" In The Olympics And There's No Going Back From Here, Like I'll Always Notice It

A new thing to look out for.

Every four years, we turn on our TVs and are amazed by the athletic dominance of the world's best athletes.

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We pretend that we know the rules, the athletes, and the ins and outs of the sports even though we usually have no idea what's going on.

This happened recently during long-distance swimming.

Swimmers jumping into open water

You might think of distance swimming as "boring" but there's one part of the race that's pretty exciting.

The drinks station in the open water swimming is wild.

Twitter: @Schieff

The "feeding stations."

Watching the "feeding station" in the Swimming Marathon! 🤯

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Yes, they're called feeding stations and they're in the middle of the water.

wait they have a feeding station in open water swimming

Twitter: @hollye83

It's like this game:

Fish Games, which features a fake pool of holes that have toy fish you have to catch

Others have compared it to feeding guinea pigs.

Obsessed with open water marathon swimming and that fact that there's a feeding station and they talk about the swimmers feeding like they're guinea pigs.

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Then I saw this TikTok and it's even more funny in motion. Like, why is this so awkward?

Why do I enjoy this so much?

I can get easily bored during some long events, but give me a marathon or a 6-hr road race and I'm hooked. Love this open-water swimming marathon, complete with their own feeding station.

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I love it.

Getting marathon swimmers their water bottle could be an Olympic sport by itself

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It's literally a feeding frenzy.

Water being jostled as several swimmers grab their drinks

A grab 'n' go if you will.

And then they just sit back and take a sip.

Athletes drinking from bottles as they backstroke

I also love how primitive the poles are.

A holding cup is hooked and duct taped to a pole

So yeah, marathon swimming is more exciting now and I love to think of the athletes at their feeding station lopping up their liquids as fish.

Bobbin' for marathon swimmers.