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Did You Know David Hasselhoff Is The King Of Coachella?

I'm serious.

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But when I think of Coachella, I think of David Hasselhoff.

David Hasselhoff made his first Coachella appearance in 2008 wearing a hat that said "Smet" and an America's Got Talent shirt. As a baby 'chell head, he kept it casual.

This was his evening look that year. The glasses appear to be from a 7th grade chemistry classroom and the tank top is form fitting. He seems hot (temperature wise).

In 2009, he got smarter. This time, he seemed to have gotten the memo that typically men at Coachella dress like Indiana Jones. The camo is a nice touch.

His 2015 look is a standout. A leopard print sash on a classic Temple Of Doom hat. A graphic tank top accessorized with a shit ton of bracelets and his signature capris.

And that's it! Convinced? I know you are.

It's unclear if David will be at 2017 Coachella, but let me tell you, we sure are hoping he is.

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