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15 Things All Straight People Do That 2/3 Of Gay People Are Still Afraid To

It's 2019 and this is very much still a thing.

1. Hold hands.

2. Hold hands in broad daylight.

3. Hold hands after a night out.

Last night me and my boyfriend we’re walking home from the club holding hands,When a white male comes running up behind yelling “fucken faggots” and stabs me in the neck and stabs my boyfriend in his hand & on his back ... I’m just thankful we’re alive ❤️ #IMHEREANDQUEER

4. Hold hands at a park.

5. Hold hands at a bar.

6. Hold hands while "walking, just laughing and talking to each other."

7. Hold hands at a gay pride parade.

8. Hold hands after seeing a movie.

9. Hold hands on the way home from a friend's party.

10. Hold hands at a soccer game.

11. Hold hands at a resort on vacation.

12. Hold hands in their own neighborhood.

New at 9-- Gay couple attacked just blocks from their home. They say they were stabbed because they were holding hands and stranger yelled homophobic slurs. Hear their terrifying story

13. Hold hands in Jamaica.

14. Hold hands surrounded by 50 people in the middle of New York City.

15. Hold hands just even once.

A 2018 survey found 2/3 of gay people are scared to hold their partners hand in public.


But this post isn't supposed to discourage gay people from holding hands.

For every piece of shit homophobe, there are like a hundred actual good people.

In Starbucks there was a gay couple and a little boy asked his mom:“why are two men holding hands?” And his mom said“bc they're in love”

Times are changing.

Just saw two high school boys holding hands as they walked around town. Such courage. Times are really changing!

From Utah...

Just saw a middle school aged gay couple holding hands in a small town in UTAH and I'm pretty sure my grinch heart grew 3 sizes. #progress New Mexico...

young gay couple holding hands while christmas shopping in albuquerque. unthinkable just a few years ago. #progress in america! basically everywhere.

y'all i saw 2 women holding hands earlier, that's the first time in my 22 years of living in this city that i've seen people be gay in public :')

Something that was once unthinkable is now...well, thinkable.

Random gay couple holding hands. When I came out in 80's this casual PDA was unthinkable. #lgbt #progress

Day-to-day visibility is important...

gay couples holding hands in public fuels my entire existence

...because you never know your #impact.

I love when I see gay couples walking down the street holding hands. That’s the stuff I didn’t see growing up that made me think that I wasn’t normal.

And remember, the real secret is that gay people always win.