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25 Things Starbucks Employees Will Never Tell You

A better life is just a click away.

1. First and foremost, if you aren't mobile ordering, then what are you doing with your life?!

2. And if you're feeling very *bold,* use this seat-grabbing *power move* tip.

3. If you put milk in your coffee, then you should order a smaller size in a larger cup. So, for example, a grande coffee in a venti cup. This way you'll have plenty of room for milk and don't have to pour any coffee out.

4. If you want to be a better customer, then you should order like this.

5. You can order things "kid temperature" if you don't want to burn the hell out of your mouth.

6. There are different sized ice scoops. Know them.

7. You can celebrate Christmas year-round with this hot chocolate hack.

8. You can basically drink a liquid Junior Mint with this hack.

9. If you're keto and still want your pink drink, try this.

10. If you like brownies, then try this.

11. Use your top as a coaster.

12. Use your sleeve as a stabilizer.

13. Ask for a nitro lid for your iced drink if you want to avoid using straws.

14. In case you were wondering, an entire bottle of wine fits in a trenta cup.

15. The baristas do know best, so ask them what they usually get if you want to try something new.

16. Add coconut milk to your mango black tea lemonade.

17. To be honest, coconut milk makes most of the iced drinks better.

18. If you like black milk tea, then get this.

19. If you're sick, order the "medicine ball tea."

20. Light roast coffees have more caffeine.

21. You can ask for the baked goods heated up, and usually they taste better that way.

22. If you want to get a mocha for cheaper, then do this.

23. Don't crowd the counter and don't be a dick.

24. A little kindness never hurt anyone.

25. Because you never know what perks could come your way.